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Your Doing It All Wrong


”Your doing it all wrong …….”  That’s a common statement that YOU hear within the fitness industry…..

YOU see you have a lot of opinionated people who think they know it all….

To be honest I take no notice of them because I have developed a system and acquire a certain set of skills for getting people results……..

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Now that the fitness industry has exploded and everyone is now making a go of it as a career you always have difference of opinions. When people have these differences they tend to start saying he/she is doing it wrong. In this game its about tailoring the program to suit the needs of the individual. For example would there be much point in me telling a morbidly obese teenager when he comes in for a session…. Up to the chin up bar and do some chins or even say right lets do a 1RM snatch.


Most certainly not as the likely outcome would be for him not to come back or he would end up injured. As I stated it earlier its about tailoring the program to suit the needs of the individual and if your coach can’t do this GET a new one.

Most of the gym goers these days want to strip fat and build lean muscle mass. I get asked this question all the time what is the best way to strip fat , what is the exercise to pack on muscle ??  Well my answer is pretty simple and it’s not rocket science



I will keep it simple for YOU if your looking to lose weight create a calorie deficit. If YOUR looking to put on weight increase your calories. Although there is a lot of other things you need to take into consideration such as work life balance, nutrition ,sleep patterns and the type of training your doing ect .  The calories IN vs calories OUT is just one part of the equation.

When training for FAT LOSS…. I believe the best conditioning that YOU can do is SPRINTS… These can be done anywhere OUTSIDE or even on a treadmill…

If this is NOT  doable I would substitute it with something like metal pram (PROWLER) sprints or a conditioning circuit.

Sprinting time and recovery period is totally dependent of the level of fitness of the individual…….

This is all dependent on the level that YOU are at….. Some people may not be FIT for sprints or the prowler so I have used other alternatives in the past  to the same effect.

BUT for melting FAT you wont get  better exercise than SPRINTS….. and YOU don’t need any equipment.

For building muscle I FOCUS on compound lifts such as deadlifts, squats and  presses..The addition of lean mass to ones frame is a like a jig saw puzzle: the whole picture is seen only when all of the pieces are present and assembled correctly. The pieces of the puzzle concerned, are: intensity, diet, supplementation, recovery and weight training. If these elements are not addressed sufficiently, gains will be fleeting and virtually non-existent.

When YOU combine the proper training variables  this in turn gives YOU and AWESOME Transformation.

Other trainers might have different opinions to me in regards this and HOW they would do it…. It doesn’t mean they are wrong its just differences in opinions. Everyone is different and they way one program works for YOU will not work the same for the next person…….. I’ll say it again its about tailoring the program to suit the needs of the individual.

What I love about the job that I’m in….. Is YOUR always working with different people and its constantly challenging for me as a coach to quickly adapt my programs to suit their needs. This keeps me and my toes and constantly pushes me to expand my comfort zone in regards my coaching methods.

Quick Tip; So if your trying to pack on muscle and drop some FAT………. I would be doing sprints at least 2-3 times per week. To pack on the muscle I would be concentrating on a high volume (100 reps ) on compound lifts. This would decrease over a period of time allowing YOU to get stronger at the same time.

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