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Why women should NOT lift weights !!!

Lifting weights for women can be an absolute horror show…….

Why would they want to speed up their metabolism so that they can melt excess fat. This would be awful.

And to have less belly fat ?? You couldn’t be interested in this you would rather have a bulging belly ??

Extra fat in the belly area means bad things for cardiovascular health. The majority of people are  belly-concerned for aesthetic reasons. Either way weight training means a healthier circumference . But why on earth would you be worried about  all this ??

Why  would YOU ladies like to feel more confident ? In clothes or even look good naked. That would be a disaster altogether.

Keeping YOURSELF healthier as you age is so stupid. Weight training will help stabilize body fat and prevent weight gain.

What about YOU ladies having the strength to carry your on luggage are do the stuff meant for men about the house. That just looks stupid. FACT. A strong woman is not a healthy woman. Lifting weights to the point of failure means your building muscle and getting stronger this is a horror story.

You would weaker or broken bones this would be a complete disaster. Weightlifting prevents  osteoporosis, which causes the bones to lose density, weaken, and become super susceptible to breaks and fractures. They have some cool casts these days so I wouldn’t bother lifting weights.

Being completely stressed out and anxious is just the craze nowadays that’s why its important to avoid it these days.

Spending hours on the treadmill is just great everyone just loves it. Why burn fat efficiently and effectively when you can spend hours doing it on the treadmill.

I can see why YOU ladies would not like to lift weights as this will tend to happen.

  1. Better Quality Sleep
  2. Increased Energy
  3. Increased Bone Density
  4. Stress Relief
  5. More Shapely & ‘Toned’ Body
  6. Improved Functional Strength
  7. Improved Self Esteem

Wouldn’t It be terrible if all the men turned their heads at you and admired YOUR body….?? Probably would Id say.

Over all to summarise ladies stay away from weight training as it is most certainly  NO GOOD 🙂

This is how we get our #R30 ladies in great shape and they reap the rewards !!!

#R30 (Revive-Revitalize-Reshape)

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