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Wasted Money, Time & Effort

Wasted money,time and effort. I couldn’t get the physique I wanted until I came across Clarke Fitness & The A12 Body Transformation. I seen the advert on Facebook and immediately contacted the guys.

To be honest I was a bit apprehensive given  my previous history of back trouble.I was just hoping that it wouldn’t curtail me from doing this program. Conor sat me down and I explained my situation (corroded discs in my back). He re-assured me he could work with me which was all the words that I wanted to hear. . After the meeting  I was ascetic  and could not wait to start. The 19th September couldn’t come quick enough.


The first two weeks of the program were great but the unthinkable happened my back gave in at work.. I thought this was the end of my transformation journey. Yet again Conor reassured me the program will still work but under the condition that I had to rest up.  To be honest I was gutted. After giving my back a chance to recuperate ( 2 weeks ) I decided to give it another rattle.

However I knew I wouldn’t be able to commit to the 4+ days so Conor re- structured the program and it was brilliant. I decided to just do the 3 days and see were it got me. Given my physique I knew that I didn’t have that much fat to strip and Conor guarantee me that I would still get a excellent transformation. The program itself is very unique and pushes you out of your comfort zone.  I couldn’t believe the muscle I packed on and the increase in strength, my bench press went up 20kg from 75kg 1RM to 95kg . The figures speak for themselves. . Given my time on the program I completed 8 weeks (28 sessions) .My results? lets just say if I continued to seek this physique that I got from the A12 program through other gym programs, personal training and supplements, I truly believe that I would never have gotten the results near what I have now.

One thing I realized that this program can be adopted to suit your needs and is very transparent. What you put in is what you get out of it. This program is not just a transformation it is a complete lifestyle change.

I have heard people say that nutrition is the hardest part of training but for me I don’t believe that. I think that if you are consistent and put in the work the results will follow although you do need to follow nutrition but this is something I found easy enough. If your sitting on the fence in regards this program and you feel like your training as hit a plateau then one thing is for sure is that this program has the answers.

I just want to thank all the Team at Clarke Fitness and I am looking forward to continuing my training with them.



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