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”I Wanted To Get Fitter & Stronger ”

”I wanted to get fitter & stronger”

I contacted Clarke Fitness last August as I wanted to get fitter, stronger and maybe a bit faster at running. I’ve been running for a few years but could never get any faster. I was stuck in a rut and beginning to get fed up with running and with never improving and always being sick or injured. So as a last ditch attempt before throwing in the towel to try and improve I contacted Clarke Fitness.
I was a bit nervous as to what to expect from Personal Training. Ronan and all at Clarke Fitness are all very friendly, welcoming and supportive.
The first thing Ronan guided me with was making better food choices and adapting more healthy eating. My weight has always fluctuated but I had been my heaviest when I joined Clarke Fitness. As the training became more intense I realized the huge role good food and a balanced diet makes in being able to both fuel and sustain training.
I had never lifted weights before and must admit it was something I was apprehensive about. I had the

misconception that lifting weights meant bulking up. However this couldn’t be further from the truth and the benefits of weight training has been immense. By using weights under professional guidance it has helped me become leaner and stronger, especially in the last few miles of longer runs.
The cardio training program with Ronan has been of a huge benefit to my running. Ronan always pushes me to my limits and has unleashed a potential I never thought I had in me. My race times have been improving consistently and I have achieved new personal bests in all distances I have raced. I have took over 3 minutes off both 5k and 10k times, 4 minutes off 5 miles but most significantly and most recently 17 minutes off my half marathon personal best.
I could never have achieved any of this without the knowledge and professional guidance of Ronan. I hope that whatever future targets I set for myself that Ronan and Clarke Fitness can help me achieve the best results.
To any runners out there who are sceptical of the benefits of strength and conditioning as I was, I can not recommend it highly enough and if I can do it anyone can!!

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