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My waist size was creeping upwards

I had just landed in Armagh for the summer and I was at a lose end. Well not a lose end because there was nothing lose about my waist thats for sure. To much good food and and nights out in Doah where I have been living for the past 3 years with my lovely wife and our son.

I had been getting more and more concerned about my increasing waist line so I seeked advice from some trusted mates. They recommended the guys over at Clarke Fitness. I checked them out online and to be honest I was amazed at some of the transformations. I immediately contacted them and signed up to the notorious A12 programme that the guys run. It all worked out nice for me as I was home for 12 weeks and I needed a structured plan to allow me to achieve my particular goals.

Prior going into this programme I thought what I was doing was ok in regards my nutrition and training. Well I was wrong thats for sure.

My biggest concern about going into the programme was the intensity of it and whether or not I would have been fit for it. To be honest the level of coaching of the team at Clarke Fitness is second to none. They left no stone unturned in order to get you the best possible results.  Anyone can lift weights but lifting them with proper technique is another thing. The guys are also very particular in this area and they ensure proper form at all times.

So after signing up I started on a Monday and I had just been back from Spain the day before so I knew things would have been tight. However Conor went easy on me  as he knew I had 60 sessions to do. I remember going in the first day and it was remarked to me that the 60 sessions would fly in. They literally do its insane how quick they go.

Looking back to see where I started 12 weeks ago is not a distant memory. From carrying body fat in all the wrong places to becoming super lean. Was it hard someone asked me ? Yes it was surely because nothing in this life comes easy. You put in the work you get the results is that simple. Me personally I worked my butt off although I had a right few weekends out with my family and friends that didn’t help my case haha. Conor was like my conscience on my shoulder telling me what I was doing wrong. All in good humour though.

Coming out the other side of the programme unscathed but I built a physique I am proud of. I am now much more informed in regards nutrition and training and I now know how to maintain my physique. My strength increases and my fitness levels are through the roof and I have never been in better shape.

If you are like me you have fallen into rut and not exercising coupled with bad nutritional habits then this programme is most certainly for you. It will help you shift that stubborn fat that accumulates in all the wrong places.   You’ll amaze yourself at how far you can get with this programme. Don’t hesitate to get on board if you are looking to better yourself and completely transform your physique.

One thing for sure you won’t regret it.

I would like to thank all the guys  at Clarke Fitness for helping throughout the programme. They deliver a highly professional service and they go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals.

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