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I was unfit , unhealthy & needed direction

I had been a member of various gyms and tried different training programs. All to no avail. Prior to starting the A12 I was unfit and unhealthy with lack of direction about what I wanted from gym sessions. I needed a structured program with guidance on nutrition and exercise that would both change my physique and increase my strength. I heard about the A12 from a friend so I contacted the team at Clarke Fitness and signed up straight away. From the outset I noticed that training in Clarke Fitness was completely different to anywhere else I had trained before. The atmosphere in the gym was always great and each and every member always made you feel right at home.

From the very first session Conor was at hand  helping and guiding me  gradually working with me improving my technique so that I could achieve maximum gains in the 12 weeks. To think where I started pressing a 7kg and finishing pressing 55kg is pretty awesome in my book. Not only did my physique change I found that my overall health has improved as well as my flexibility. During the 12 weeks there were days and sessions that were extremely challenging in regards nutrition but with the help of Conor and the WhatsApp group they were all at hand to help and lend support 😊.

I know one thing for sure they team here are very meticulous in helping you achieve the physique you want. They leave no stone un-turned to say they are obsessed would be a better definition of their commitment towards me and the program.

Signing up to this program was the best decision I made. It has given me all the tools necessary to have continued success in the gym. I would most definitely recommend to anyone looking to change their lifestyle, physique and general nutrition as it ticks all the boxes for this.

Once I had completed the A12 I had an enormous amount of pride and self confidence that what I had set out to achieve at the beginning had been accomplished. Through hard work and determination with the help and guidance of Conor and all at Clarke Fitness when needed, I am in no doubt that I could not have accomplished or even completed anything like this without their help and support along the way.

A12 Armagh

Yes its a long form, but if you cant be bothered to fill it out, this is an early indicator you are not right for this program.

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