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Touching 18 stone I knew I had to do something

My experience with Clarke’s gym and their A12 program was exceptional but yet brutal at the same time.

Touching 18 stone in July and weighing in under 14 stone in December didn’t happen easy by any means at all. However  with the expertise of the team at Clarke Fitness they laid the foundations I needed in order for me to loose weight and most importantly maintain a healthy but enjoyable diet throughout the program and every day life after it as well.

I remember my first week like it was yesterday. Walking in through the door feeling nervous and apprehensive at the same time. I have heard of peoples perceptions of other gyms and what it is that makes a gym an easy place to go to. This was why I was nervous, I wasn’t sure how an 18 stone man would be welcomed. Well lets just say it was fairly easy walking into this place as I was made feel right at home.This gym was different from the outset, the staff and people in the gym seem to get behind you and push you on. This was very encouraging for me to see.

From the start we set our targets in 3 week blocks with weigh-ins and measurements and photos each time. The good thing about this was it held you accountable for your actions. You may have been working hard in the gym but what has your nutrition like he would always ask. This was his way of keeping tabs on you and your actions.

Even though I dropped a massive 4 stone the thing that has amazed me the most is the change in my overall general fitness. Not just my cardiovascular fitness, my strength levels were massively increased. Week 1 I was squatting with a broom week 24 I was squatting 90kg for multiple reps. To be honest it was the same with bench press and I was also even getting a few pull ups.

This gym is a fantastic place to be, both men and women of all ages are doing different things in the gym every morning it’s great to be part of this. You always see people just like me coming in , starting off new programs first thing in the morning and maybe slightly nervous and powering on through different fitness programs weeks later from tread mills to prowlers from bench press to squats week after week the weights get heavier and people get fitter and stronger.

I have seen people come start and finish the six and twelve week programs with Clarke’s gym and the results have been outstanding and fair play to all involved. Anyone thinking of moving a few unwanted pounds or stones like me, I say go for it now don’t hang about get in there and get at it.





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