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Top Tips To Successfully Transform Your Body In 2018

Over the course of the year we as a team at Clarke Fitness have helped countless amounts of people successfully transform themselves both in body and mind.

When you have a system in place to help people successfully transform you notice certain patterns. You see things that others don’t in regards helping them to get to their goals quicker.

We have built a system that gets long lasting results. Some of the transformations completed this year have been absolutely outstanding and its a credit to the individuals who have undertaken them.

So here goes these tips can set up for your success to transform in 2018.

Set A Goal

Often over looked especially in January were people start the gym aimlessly. You need to have clear direction and focus on what you want to achieve. For example with all the 12 week transformations that we complete we have a start point and a finishing point which is a photo shoot. This gives them an end goal to target. So if your reading this you could set a goal to lose 1 stone in January or to be able to run a 5 km race. Obviously the goal depends on the individual. But I can’t stress enough you need a target so set a goal whether you want to achieve it in one month or three months.


This is one of the most talked about things in the fitness industry to date. It has a massive role to play in helping you succeed in life in general. Setting a goal sometimes can’t be enough. You need to be motivated enough to want to achieve it and motivation comes from within. How bad do you want something ?? Thats what you need to think to yourself, if you want it bad enough you will succeed. There is loads of things that you can do to get yourself in the right frame of mind. Download an audio book or meditate. Download an app called headspace this can help you to get started.


Most people would see this as the key to successfully transforming your body. Not me,  given the amount of people we have successfully helped.Great exercisers, terrible dieters, weekend warriors, casual exercisers, competitive athletes, all seem to have the same questions and concerns- ” I train so hard but cant get the results I want. Something must be off with my diet.” Many people believe that as long as they exercise they can keep eating all bad foods that they love. The truth is if you know what to eat and how much you should be eating you can have some of the bad foods on occasions. So getting your nutrition right is another piece to the jig saw.


My final part of the puzzle once all of the above have been put in place to great effect. Its time to get the best program that is gonna suit you. Now depending on the individual in question and their particular goals  people may have different needs in terms of their training. For example a marathon runner is not going to use a body builders program to help improve his running times and vice versa.  You need to seek a fitness professional that is going to help bring you closer to your goals.

If you apply these 4 things in this order I have no doubt that you will most certainly succeed in transforming yourself in 2018 😎

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