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My Top Tips To Beat The Christmas Bulge


Its that time of the year again, seems like last year has only past LOL just feels like that older you get. Everyone loves Christmas, the food wine,presents and the Pogues Fairy Tale of New York (quality ) Most people including my self over indulge not just on food but on alcohol, everyone loves one or the other. In my case its 50/50 ha ha. With the party season it seems like there is stuff creeping up every weekend whether its at a friends or a work do, either way there is loads of food and beers.

This spells trouble on two fronts: No:1 FOOD AND ALCOHOL No:2 SKIPPED WORKOUTS – we don’t get to go to the gym for our usual workouts and before you know it you feel bloated and out of shape after all the high calorie foods and beers. This is the moment we realise that we now have taken a step closer in resemblance to the big fella (Santa ha ha). After being a couch potato for a few weeks it can be hard to get back into a training regime. However in some cases for other people this can mean a permanent break. Believe me I’ve been in this situation before and its hard to get back at it.

My Top Tips to beat the bulge include:

1: Water intake –  although it can be hard get as much H20 into you as possible. The benefits are awesome, there are too many to mention. Great hangover cure lol

2: Exercise: 4 x 20-25 minute workouts like mine from the video link below. This we HIIT session will keep fighting the fat and keep you feeling good.

Free Work Out:

3: Choose your foods wisely try and limit creamy dips,pies,sausage rolls,chips and sweets. Keep these all in moderation.

4: Alcohol- Everyones favourite. Enjoy it but drink in moderation and make sure you drink loads of H2o after consumption or drink it during. (as if this will happen ha ha)

So for you guys reading this blog Christmas has come early. So to survive the impending holiday doom I’m going to give you a free home workout that will help you beat the bulge over this up and coming festive period. This is a time saver and all you need is 20 minutes. Check out the video link below and let me know if you complete it.

Hope it helps

P.s Your goal over the holiday period should be to maintain weight and not lose it.

Thanks Conor

Enjoy the video

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