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Tips to Improve Health within the Office.

I know people have there own routines which leaves little time for fitness.

There is always room for some minor changes that can improve your health and well being.

So today I’m going to give away some small tips that you can adopt into  your routine and I can guarantee you will notice the difference to your overall health especially people who work in the offices.

On saying this anyone in the working world can take a look and hopefully they could find something.

Everyone knows that offices jobs can be the breeding ground for bugs , stress and potential serious illness over time.

Walk around

Stand up and walk away from your desk every half an hour. Use the bathroom, get yourself a drink or follow up with a colleague in person rather than sending an email. Stretching your legs is important, and so is giving your eyes and your brain a break from your computer.

Drink water

Water is good for you. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Tiredness is often caused by dehydration. Add lemon or lime if you want some flavour. Sparkling water is just as good for hydration. 2 litres, so get sipping.

Stand at your desk

Does your office have standing desks? Have you suggested it to your employer? There’s plenty of standing desk retailers to be found no matter what part of the world you’re in. Take a look at Google offices in Dublin . Forward thinking companies understand that a healthy workforce is a motivated and productive one. Standing is healthier than sitting, simple as that. Sitting on your ass all day isn’t good for you. Tell your boss you want to get off your ass!

Watch your caffeine intake

How many cups of coffee or tea are you drinking each day? Caffeine has a number of benefits however it’s important to keep an eye on your intake. Coffee is the worst offender in terms of caffeine levels. Black tea is a little better however it still has a moderately high amount of caffeine. Green or white teas have lower levels of caffeine and are also a good anti-oxidant. Can you start substituting these teas or natural juices for your coffee? You don’t need coffee to give you an energy boost. Proper diet and nutrition will provide this.

Eat well

Eat a sexy breakfast before you leave home and either order a healthy nutritious lunch at the office, or prepare something at home the night before and bring it with you. Nutritious meals and snacks will provide you with the energy you need to not only get through the day but to crush it. Cut out sugary snacks and drinks from your diet. Bring healthy snacks with you to keep your hunger cravings at bay. Preparation is key. If you’re not prepared then you’re more likely to choose a quick and unhealthy alternative.

Be active outside of work

Define an exercise routine for yourself around your work and your home life. Join a sports club. At a minimum go for a walk outdoors in the evening and at weekends and relieve the stresses and strains of your office job. Do not come home from work to simply slump in front of the TV for the night. You’ve been sitting all day already!!

Mix up your commute

Get off the bus or train a stop early and walk the rest of the journey to/from work. If you’re driving, then park a little further away from the office than you normally would. As well as getting a little exercise you’ll also be helping to clear your mind before or after your day at the office.

Some simple tips for you all and there not dramatic changes to your lifestyle. Just Simple.



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