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I thought I was in reasonably good shape… I got some surprise

I’ve always tried to lead a very active and healthy lifestyle and thought I was in reasonably good shape, I got some surprise. I have always been a runner, running numerous Marathons, Half Marathons, 10k’s etc so I’ve always been in good shape and the gym wasn’t really my thing. I have attended personal trainers during my marathon preparation in the past but nothing as dedicated as Clarke Fitness A12 and certainly not with the same results. During most of 2017 I was nursing injury after injury, unable to run I quickly became very frustrated, I attended Physio, sports massage therapists and even had an MRI scan, the diagnosis was simple, core strength exercises is what I required. After talking to a friend about my injury he recommended Clarke Fitness, as I said I’m not a big gym goer but for some reason I went straight home and emailed Clarke Fitness, Conor got back to me that same evening and the wheels were now in motion.

I attended Clarke Fitness the very next Monday morning, I had exactly 7 weeks until Christmas 2017 and decided I’d give it a go and see how I got on. I have to be honest, the first week was very tough and it was apparently the easy week, every muscle in my body was aching and I had used muscles that I never used before. Most people that knew I was attended Clarke Fitness thought I was mad, being on the go from 05:30 in the morning Monday to Friday, preparing meals everyday, double protein days, double carb days, the dedication required and the structure needed to follow this was definitely tough but Conor at Clarke Fitness was at hand all the time via emailed support, Facebook, WhatsApp groups etc. The support from Conor was unreal, each week just got easier although the training got harder, the group of people training together were brilliant and it creates that bit of competition so you keep pushing yourself to the limit. Once I had committed myself to the 7 weeks training I didn’t want to miss a single session, that is what the A12 does to you. The weeks just flew past, one after the other and each and every week was a challenge but a real sense of fulfilment and achievement.

Unfortunately for me my 7 weeks have now come to and end but my time at Clarke Fitness was one of the best experiences I’ve had, the results I got in 7 short weeks speak for themselves, if you follow Conor’s advise to the last letter the results are there to be had for everyone, Clarke Fitness definitely know their stuff, they know how to get the best out of everyone and get you following their advice, it’s as easy as doing what you are asked and train hard when you are in their gym, I can’t thank Clarke Fitness enough for the transformation I have achieved in 7 weeks, I’d absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to lose weight, change their lifestyle, improve fitness or just challenge yourself to something different. Clarke Fitness is definitely the place to go and no better people to look after you. It has been a real pleasure working with them and no doubt I’ll be back again.

Thanks for all the support Conor



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