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I thought I was in good shape……

People would of always had the perception that I was shape. Well so did I to honest until I came across Clarke Fitness.

I played football for years and really enjoyed it until about 3 years ago I had a bad knee injury which set me back a lot, I had to get 2 different operations which left me out of football for 18months. During that time I done absolutely nothing and a combination of not training and bad diet for 18 months was enough to put anyone in bad form. It didn’t help that I was off work either so I was lying about being lazy. After the lay off I tried my best to get back in shape but just didn’t have the motivation I only ever talked about it but actually never done anything about it.

This has been a tough year for me to be honest. When you have people slatting you and putting you down It can have a negative affect on you. I let it annoy me at first but then I started to use these people as motivation to get the best out of myself.

So one Wednesday around tea time back in August I was nosying through Facebook when I can across the guys at Clarke Fitness. I seen the A12 program that they had been running and getting some outstanding results. I applied and then went and met Conor at the gym. It didn’t take to long to convince me to get signed up to be honest.

Two weeks prior to the program starting Conor had us in the gym doing technique sessions to show us all the different exercises we would be doing. I thought I had been doing things right in the gym but I was wrong.

As the start of the program got closer the seeds of doubt began to set it. I think it was more nerves than anything to be honest as this was a massive commitment for me as I was travelling 45mins there and back just to do the sessions.

So the the 4th September has came and gone and I now look back on my phots and I’m like holy F**K. It was a big commitment and totally worth it. I took a lot of stuff away from this program most notably in training and nutrition. I know how to get myself in shape and maintain it.

Overall this was a great experience. It did take me a while t adapt to the food but after a week or two it was totally grand. I met great people and the level of coaching was second to none.

So if your in a similar situation to me where life has gotten in the way you have gained weight, had set backs and people have put you down and your reading this thinking about it. Just stop don’t even think about it go for it. Yes it is tough but theres nothing in life which is easy. Its only 12 weeks to change our life and you will most certainly feel fitter and healthier.

After my time doing the A12 I feel great and look good. I’ve proved to the people all the doubters wrong and my photos prove that. #hatersgonnahate

I would just like to thank all the lads I trained with you were great and also all the support from the whole team at Clarke Fitness.


Paul Moran


If you would like more info in regards the next wave of the program follow the link below.



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