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ditch-the-scaleIt was the half way point in the #R30  program and coming up to the weigh ins I over heard the ladies chatting about their weight and how they where dreading the weigh in come Friday. The aim of the #R30 program is to get you slim and lean in 3o sessions, letting you build a relationship between exercise and food. The sessions themselves are 1 hour long and they are tailored to suit everyone’s needs.

I’ve been working as a Fitness Coach for the past 8 years and have gained a wealth of knowledge while doing so which is why I find it very frustrating when I hear conversations like this….After hearing this  I said to myself “here we go again” as I have heard this countless times over the years. Each time I try to emphasize that weighing yourself is not important ”But people insist” and so for me as a fitness coach its personal choice weather people want to get weighed or not. If it is the scales that you dread then ”Don’t use Them”, Don’t Let Them Determine Your Fitness Journey” 

Answer me this one question!!

Do you freak out when you jump on the scales just because they have  jumped by one or two pounds?

If this is the case and you are one of these people that constantly weighs yourself then you need to most definitely ditch the scales. Most people that attend the gym want to feel good in  and out their clothes, improve health and perform better at the gym. Professional athletes should really only be worried about their weight as some sports require being a certain weight for certain events, eg Boxing or any combat sport for that matter.

The most common answer people give as to why they weigh themselves daily is to keep an eye on potential weight gain, if this is the case for you need to look at your lifestyle and see where you can adapt to allow you to have a good relationship with food and exercise. Don’t be a lifetime dieter – take the time to experiment and find a nutrition approach, eating plan, and training regimen that is simple and doesn’t stress you out on a daily basis and that allows you to maintain your appearance/body weight with ease.

I just want to clear something up before I go any further. You may have heard this before ”Muscle weighs more than fat”, WRONG !! It doesn’t weigh more the fact of the matter is that muscle is more dense than fat.  Take a look below to see what exactly it looks like


If you have been training hard and haven’t seen the results on the scales that you have wished for this is because you have built muscle. A physique which has more muscle on it will look a lot better to a physique which has a lot of body fat. Just look at the picture below, Il let you decide which one looks best. This guy now obviously has a good relationship between exercise and food, where before he has been eating out most night and not exercising at all.


Moving on and I know this is true, definitely for most women. The ”Ideal weight or the Perfect Weight”. I would say that some people go as far as to let their weight affect their mood. If you are 2lb heavier its like the world has ended and 2lb lighter its straight to the cookie jar giving yourself re assurance that you’ve worked that 2lb off.

If you are chasing the ideal weight it can become hard. However once you reach it you more than likely wont be happy. I know this as I’ve seen it happen on numerous occasions. That’s why I firmly believe you should train to look good and not for a number on the scales.

With all clients and all the transformation groups I coach I prefer take before and after photos because they don’t lie, they allow you to map out progress. Some people are not comfortable with this either and that’s Ok as its a personal choice whether to have them done or not. Of the ones I do I can honestly say it helps with their journey and they are very proud of the results so  they allow us to use their photos.  Other options for mapping fat loss are body composition measurements. We like to use a simple one at Clarke Fitness which involves taking a measurement of the stomach from the belly button right round and also the hip from the hip bone round, these are simple yet effective.

So to conclude:

  • Don’t be one of these people that are constantly weighing yourself, you need to ditch the scales and re-evaluate your approach in regards nutrition and training. Fitness is here to be enjoyed not loathed.
  • Yes its OK to build muscle as you look a lot healthier and leaner when your carrying muscle.
  • Don’t be chasing the perfect weight – Strike that balance

Just four words to finish which sums it all up






Ps if you are really struggling with your nutrition and cant seem to get to grips with it. Give us a call on 02837524264 and we will be more than willing to help you.



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