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The Best Diet in the World is……

The Best Diet in the world…

Is the one that you can stick to the longest.

Crash dieting or extremely low calories works and it works well. The problem is, you just cant sustain it and inevitably you will eat a lot and then some.

You may last a few weeks, even a few months if you are dedicated to the cause.

But its not the way.

Controlled calories, that you track with high protein is the best way to lose lose fat and maintain that loss in the long run.

People can make all sorts of excuses when it comes to nutrition but it boils down to two things:


If you are not prepared then you must be prepared to fail. 9 times out of 10 this lets people down. Not having the right stuff in the house or being lazy

2. Consistency

If you are not consistent with both training and nutrition then you are setting yourself up to fail.

Its that simple don’t try and dress it up another way.

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