Testomonials - Clarke Fitness


Aoife O'neill

Listen to what Aoife has to say about completing our 6 weeks...

Adele Mc Mullan

Adele killed the challenge dropping 18lbs in 6 weeks...

Garry Sutton

Garry Sutton was sluggish and over weight find out how he dropped 4 stone...

Paddy Mc Keown

Find out how Paddy Mc Keown smashed our 6 week transformation challenge.....

Philly Gribben

Listen to what Philly Gribben has to say about his journey with us on our 6 week challenge

Joesph O Gorman

Out of shape and not feeling confident in his own body Joe smashed the challenge dropping 16.5lbs and 6 % Bodyfat

Mark Hughes 

Mark Hughes dropped a whopping 22lbs in 6 weeks. Listen to what he has to say...

Keith Mc Cann

Keith knew he needed to do something so he took on the challenge and killed it.

David Gibson

From having no energy to bursting with energy Davy Gibson is like a new man listen to his wise words..

Patrick Garvey

Paddy Garvey smashed our challenge and continues to smash it. Listen to what he has to say........

Joanne Hale

This is a must watch....... She doesn't let anything set her back..

James Lordan

James smashed the challenge and now has dropped 2 stone...

Joe Fegans 

I had my own problems just like everyone else. In regards work , life and getting the balance between the two right..... Read Joes Story

Lochlainn Mc Parland

I felt like shit , I was putting on weight and my routine was terrible..... Read Lochlainns Story

Damien Symth

I started my journey 5 months ago when I decided to do a charity fundraiser for lose ££s to gain pounds..... Read Damiens Story

Liam Mc Kenna

I was feeling tired all the time and I lacked energy. Having 3 young kids you really want as much energy as possible.......Read Liams Story

Alicia Mc Gahan

The first week of the programme I was nervous of what was ahead of me but the programme is completely fool proof...... Read Alicia Story

Adrian Clarke

A major problem I had before joining Clarke Fitness was my commitment plus a designated programme to suit my particular needs.......Read Adrians Story.......

Mary Carragher

I had no energy and I lacked motivation. I needed help quick.... Read Marys Story

Sheena Hughes

I entered a competition on Facebook and thought nothing more about it.....Read Sheenas Story