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I stumbled across the #R30 on Christmas day

I stumbled across the #R30 on Christmas day, but I have to add it wasn’t by choice. My mother greeted me with an envelope on Christmas morning with a great smile on her face. I hope you like it she said. Of course, my instincts were telling me that this was going to be good. The anticipation got the better of me, so I ripped open the envelop and was greeted with a voucher for Clarke Fitness to attend the R30 class on the 8th January 2018. Questions started to flood in what is my mum trying to tell me here. So, through gritted teeth I reluctantly thanked my mum for the present. I have everything sorted for you I was chatting to Ronan, weigh in and measurements 5:30  Don’t get me wrong I was in shock and yes, I thought it was going to be a few extra quid for over the festive period, how could I be so wrong.

At first it was the shock and secondly 8th of January 2018 was the day everything changed for me. Yes, I was nervous in what was in store for me but I have to admit after the first week I could really feel the difference in myself. The early mornings got easier, I had a lot more energy during the day and the difference it made to me mentally was night and day. I started off at 88.6kg and inside the first 4 weeks I dropped to 83.7 with my last week starting Monday. The cumulation of inches I lost around my stomach and hips was down 9 inches. I felt like a new man. Your all probably thinking it was the extreme nutrition plan I was on, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I learnt an awful lot about nutrition and how easy it was if you prepared for the week. Everything was set out for you by Ronan and if you do this program everyone will love Sunday. Why? Cheat day.

The program itself was challenging from weights to circuits to cardio, but you could see improvement every week and the group kept you motivated throughout the 6-week block.

Lastly, I would like to thank my mother for the great gift and for the kick up the a**e I needed. I would also like to think Ronan and Pete for their patience and if your thinking about doing the R30 to give you the kick start you need. Don’t hesitate and go for it.


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