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What is STOPPING you Getting the physique YOU WANT ??

There are lots of things involved in the process of getting the perfect physique. Are you chasing the perfect physique? There are a few things that you need to realize if you are going to transform your body and if you are aware of them they might help you on your journey.

  • YOU DON’T REALIZE HOW HARD IT CAN BE!! For some people transforming their body can be life changing in the respect that then are completely out of shape and they may be too embarrassed to hit the gym or even ask for advice. To be honest gyms can be a very daunting place for some people.
  • MAKING MISTAKES !! I’ve seen this a lot people tend to fall at the first hurdle once they make a mistake. For example in the past a few of my 12 week physique clients have ended up on weekend benders and its took them nearly a week to recovery leaving behind their nutrition and training. DID they want to QUIT ? Hell Ye !! Did I let them? No F**CKING way. WHY you may ask? Some people quit at the first hurdle others don’t. Some people quit when the realize how far they have to go, on the other hand  they don’t realize how far they have came. This makes the transformation all  the sweeter. Don’t stop ! Everyone makes mistakes
  • I’M STARTING NEXT WEEK OR ON MONDAY ? People are motivated more on Mondays because its the start of a new week. I believe the best thing to do is to start right now there and then or even lay out a plan. If you are victim of this ” I’m starting on Monday or next week ” and don’t do it. Then you don’t realize what it is you want and how you are going to get there. GET A PLAN.
  • NUTRITION ? Great exercisers,terrible dieters, weekend warriors, casual exercisers,competitive athletes, all seem to have the same questions and concerns- ” I train so hard but cant get the results I want. Something must be off with my diet.” Many people believe that as long as they exercise they can keep eating all bad foods that they love. The truth is if you know what to eat and how much you should be eating you can have some of the bad foods on occasions.
  • PEOPLE TEND TO COMPLICATE  THINGSAvoid dairy, don’t eat carbs after 7 pm, eat every 2-3 hours… WTF. Why are you making it so complicated? If you want to lose weight – create a calorie deficit.If you want to gain muscle – lift heavy weights and eat a little bit more.Don’t worry about complex and useless stuff like manipulating your insulin levels and muscle confusion. Stick with the basics.
  • COMMITMENT- A body transformation is a commitment in itself. If your going to succeed, YOU need to be committed. This is not just in the form of showing up to your appointments, this incorporates your training, nutrition, work  and family and much more. Before you commit you need to know what it going to take and you MUST to have a PLAN
  • MINDSET- To be honest there is a lot talk about this these days, but don’t get me wrong it plays a huge role in you succeeding at what every your doing. But every coach is talking about it like they know what it is or they specialize in it. Keep it simple, you either want to do something or you don’t ! In regards transforming yourself , have a plan and be organised and your MINDSET will take care of its self. SIMPLE !!

Over all the key to a successful transformation is down to how well it is PLANNED out by the individual taking part. This MUST take into consideration, nutrition,training,work and life balance. If this is in order then you can almost guarantee a successful transformation.

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