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I seen the photos and didn’t believe it…..

I seen the photos of other guys and girls and didn’t believe it…………………


I done it myself.

I still can’t believe that’s me in the before photos. To think that was me in the before photos is shocking,  I didn’t realize I was carrying as much body fat.


Before I started the A12 Armagh  I was completely clueless when it came to nutrition and I hadn’t lifted many weights before. Well I lifted a bit to be honest but not as much as I did over the period of  the 12 weeks to get me in the condition I am now in. With the help and guidance of the team at Clarke Fitness is completely changed the way I thought about food and exercise.

The program itself has all the tools necessary to allow you to get the physique you want. The guys don’t have a magic wand or anything like that. You have to do the work (DTW) there’s no other two ways about it. For me this was a big commitment as I also play football and hurling side by side and it slotted in nicely as I was able to master the two.

Looking back to see where I was before I started this program spurs me on. During the program their  where times I felt like giving up but this quote changed my mindset.

”Don’t look how far you have to go look how far you have came”

You see I could relate to this as I didn’t want to be that fella in the before picture I wanted to be the man I am in the after shots. And you no what I not gonna lie it was f**cking tough tough work, however looking back at them pictures makes it all worth it.

Pior going into this program I was worried about a shoulder injury I was carrying  but this is now totally eradicated thanks to  the team giving me specific exercises to do to assist it.

I know one for sure I will be keeping up my training with the team at Clarke Fitness as they are experts in their field.

If you are like me and thinking that you can’t do this or the photos are BS…….

Don’t be like me just do it and you wont regret it.

One last thing I would just like to thank everyone at Clarke Fitness who has helped me over the last 12 weeks to get to this condition I am now in.  I don’t know what I would done if I had’t of signed up to the program.



A12 Armagh

Yes its a long form, but if you cant be bothered to fill it out, this is an early indicator you are not right for this program.

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