After seeing my before and afters side by side…… - Clarke Fitness

After seeing my before and afters side by side……

So after 7 long hard weeks I have time to reflect and look back on what I have achieved. Because after seeing my before and after photos side by side that is exactly what I feel, a massive sense of achievement.

Before I undertook this programme I was in a rut. Ive trained in various gyms now for over 10 years and have actually been fortunate enough to have been guided by some top top professionals in their field. But the difference then was I knew exactly what I was training for and that was football. To help me enhance my body to achieve the best possible performance.

But since Ive stopped playing football last year even though I would have trained on a regular basis, it had zero direction, very little discipline and basically I trained each day as I saw fit.

When the opportunity arose to challenge myself with the Armaghs No 1 Body Transformation programme without a doubt I was apprehensive at first. The training side of things wasn’t overly daunting. Years and years of GAA pre seasons and Championship preparation had me well prepared. However the nutrition side of things is where I struggle. Don’t get me wrong I always eat my fair share of veggies and fish and sweet potatoes. However put a cup of tea and packet of biscuits in front of me and they wont make it back to the biscuit tin.

Im the type of person who, when they commit to something gives it 100% so after I agreed to give it a go that was me.

The way to achieve the best possible results i found was setting myself small simple goals, each week, every few days even each session. From seeing the guys in the gym previously with Conor I had seen how much their strength increased over the programme but i was amazed at how much my cardiovascular endurance increased over the course of 7 weeks.

Throughout the programme Conor was always at hand to answer any questions I had and believe me there were plenty. I have came away with this programme and can honestly say I learned more in 7 weeks than I have the past 7 years and this information will stay with me for life.

To anyone considering this programme I would say unless you are willing to commit 100% fully to everything Conor asks you to do then think again. You are only wasting your own time and money. However my transformation shows that if you do everything that Conor asks of you, not only will you have the photographs to show the grandkids in years to come. But your life as a whole will have improved drastically. From strength you never knew you had, to your skin being as healthy as it has ever been, and actually standing in front of the mirror and being proud of the person you see looking back. Not only physically but mentally this programme if adhered to and done right will provide you with confidence you have never had. Embrace the challenge and be proud of your accomplishment.



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Yes its a long form, but if you cant be bothered to fill it out, this is an early indicator you are not right for this program.

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