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Healthy Lifestyle

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Leading a healthy lifestyle is composed of much more than visiting the gym several times a week.  A well balanced lifestyle will consist of altering your everyday choices including how you exercise, what you eat and how manage stress. Exercise Being healthy and physically able are two different things.  Most people categorise good health as a lack of illness or being in the correct weight bracket for your size, which is not specifically true.  In terms of exercise and a healthy lifestyle, being able to perform everyday tasks without feeling the effects is a sign of good health, e.g. taking the stairs without feeling shortness of breath.  Tweaking your daily routine can help contribute to this, as well as visiting the gym, menial tasks such as parking the car further away in the car park can all contribute towards to the 30 mins of recommended exercise you should be getting. Diet The cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, you diet will dictate your energy levels throughout the day and how well prepared you are to approach a physically labouring task.  Getting the right vitamins and nutrients is also vital to fight illness and keep your immune system strong. These two main factors are key in leading a healthy lifestyle.  Below are some of the benefits that can be achieved from a healthy life:

  • less tension, stress and mental fatigue
  • a natural energy boost
  • improved sleep
  • a sense of achievement
  • focus in life and motivation
  • less anger or frustration
  • a healthier appetite
  • better social life

Here at Clarke Fitness we cater to everybody’s needs and can draw up exercise plans and diet plans to help you achieve your goals.  Call in and speak to a member of staff and see how we can help you.  


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