Before I even knew anything about the A12 Armagh Body Transformation Program I was going to the gym all the time. I even tried boxing. I was going 3 or 4 times week. But then I stopped. Because I simply wasn’t getting any results. I was just wasting time.

Nothing happened, I mean, nothing changed. Back then I wasn’t looking for the twelve weeks physique program it just popped up one day on Facebook. I saw the pictures and I said to myself that CAN’T be real.


There’s no way people get results like that. It was complete curiosity that made me fill out the application I just wanted to see what would happen and what you guys would say.

But when I got through the process and got to meet Conor  in the gym I was thinking to myself “ah yeah they take anybody onto this.”

I was shocked when Conor told me not to bother doing it unless I was completely committed and to keep the money in my pocket. Looking back I see now why. He knew the time and effort that needed to be invested in this to get the results and he was making sure I fully understood what I was getting into. Paying over money doesn’t guarantee results. Hard work goes into the pictures you see on this and I was beginning to understand.


It was a big thing for me when I decided to do it. Because I could see that this would be a challenge. But I decided f##k it I’m going to do this and give it my all.

 12 week program

And that’s exactly what I did.

I can seriously say after all said and done this has changed my complete lifestyle. Before this program, my eating was a complete mess. My eating and my training were all over the place. It’s only now that I see what real structure and planning is and the real results that that gives you. It’s unbelievable the difference.


But if you had to ask me back then I would be telling you I was eating healthy, and that I was training very hard. That’s why it was so hard for me to believe the results I saw on the Amazing 12. I thought “no way…. I train hard and I eat healthily and I don’t get results like that.” There’s probably people reading this right now who think that and I want to tell them


“stop kidding yourself.

Really you have no idea what this program Is capable of. It will show you what real training and proper nutrition will do for not only your physique but everything, its lifestyle changing.


Some people might be thinking oh I Already know what to do myself. I Can get results like that if I want. Like seriously if you knew how to get results like this then you would already look like this. It’s just crazy talk. I mean seriously you can’t do this without the direction from someone who has a proven track record of getting results like this. Even with the food. You have to know when to change up the food and someone to hold you accountable every step of the way to keep the results coming.


Most people they look on Youtube, they read blogs and books and look at men’s health it’s all nut’s even with all that information at their fingertips they don’t get these results.


There’s no doubt this works Firstly because you commit to it fully. You won’t walk away from something you commit to financially and you’re invested in emotionally.

And it wasn’t only about the program, the atmosphere in the gym was great. It got you through the hard work, even when things got tough you knew the other guys in the group would help you through it and the coaches were there every step of the way. Listen this program will work for everyone.

The other thing that’s different about having a coach is that when I was at this gym I never had my phone near me. Once I walked in the door it was GO time, my phone was away and my mind was focused on getting the work done. That was great. What I used to do was waste time around the gym texting on the phone looking at facebook you know what I mean. It was pointless.

Here on this program, I never missed my phone once.


I began to see results from the very first week. And every week after that it kept getting better.


Look you just have to come here and see this to believe what’s actually possible.

The results I got at the end were incredible. I’m so happy.


The best thing that happened to me was after eating this healthy food for 12 weeks I never want to go back to the way I was eating before.

If you gave the choice of a slice of pizza or meat and veg.


I would go for the veg and meat every time because of the way it makes me feel.

When I used to go to the gym I was training and thinking I was doing it right, but when I did the training here, it was the big difference I seen between training like I was before and actual real quality training.


I was sick of wasting time and not getting any results.


If someone is thinking about this you need to get onto the guys here and get to the interview. Whoever wants to get results you need to pick up the phone and try this. This works for me and I Know it can work for everyone as long as they put the work in.


The most important thing this does is not change your body but it changes your whole lifestyle. And that stays with you for life.


It’s, not a big investment when you break it down like this. These results will stay with me for life.

That’s why I’m back here today I’m not going to stop I’m going to continue on with this lifestyle change and what I have learned on the way. It’s a complete mindset shift I got from this. And of course yeah the pictures at the end are amazing.

12 week program


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