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Out of this World Diet Plan

I can give you best diet in the world right now, but you won’t follow it”

This is what I said to a new client demanded a refund, 8 days after having joined our 12  week coaching programme.

He’d sent me his food diary and it was horrendous.

All bad sources of carbs & fat, hardly any protein and he hadn’t exercised for years.

Wants to lose 4 stone.

“I want my money back because all you’ve given me is 20 different meal variations for me to try this first week and you want me to walk for 3 x 45min – I could have done that myself”

You Serious.

Listen and let me explain.

We have 12 weeks to get through and if I give you “it all” in the first week, you wont do any of it.

You will lose focus maybe not in the first week but on down the line because you have skipped the middle phrase of the program. Why? you have looked at the end result.

Getting results, losing weight, regaining health or whatever your goal is…

…it’s not as simple as handing you a plan.

You can download a diet and training schedule for free right now from a million websites on Google.

“There is a reason you are 4 stone overweight and we need work out how/why/when you eat and what you can tolerate”

Do you understand.

You go to University for 3/4 years and on day one you know nothing.

They don’t give you 4 years worth of assignments in week 1.

Well they didn’t when I was there anyway 🙂

If you are given a diet and it’s written step by step and all you do is follow it, you won’t learn anything about nutrition I will have failed you because I haven’t educated you on nutrition and the probability is very high that you fall into your old habits.

Can you see where I’m coming from.

Now I’m hoping I can turn this client around as it would be shame for him to bail out so soon because he thinks he knows better.

But I know the real reason. He’s scared. And I get that.

A new lifestyle, mindset and outlook on your health can be daunting.

And he wants all his problems fixing instantly.

He’s spent good money for a result and he’s jacking it in before we even start.

I can’t help him if he quits but you can bet  I can have helped him shift 10-15kg  in our 12 weeks together.

I guess we will never know.

My message today is don’t quit when it gets tough.

Or even worse – before it gets tough.

This applies to everything in life, not just in health & fitness.

If you’ve got a trainer and I know a lot of you will, listen to him/her.

Don’t give up before you begin.

Trust the process and the expertise of your trainer. And if you don’t have a trainer then give me a shout.

I won’t bail on you and I definitely won’t quit.

What I will do is give you all that I have when it comes to achieving the results you want from your health & fitness.

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