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Nutrirtion to me was pizza , takeaway ect


Before deciding to take part in the A12 I had a perception that I was reasonable fit and I would have taken part in the odd five kilometre run and some cycling when I fancied it. Looking back from now to then I thought I was full of energy even though my sleeping pattern was up the left. At the time poor sleeping patterns were just the norm for me.

I must admit previous to starting the programme I was extremely reluctant and wasn’t exactly sure if this was for me as I’ve never been at a gym before and doubted if I could complete the programme. However  once the course started everything ran so smooth. Conor and the guys brought us in a week previous to the programme starting.  They explained everything really well and they generally wanted  just to get you ready for the programme. The other benefit of this was  you meet the rest of the guys who were taking part. I soon realised everyone has their own reasons for joining the programme and it really broke the ice before it kicked off.


To be honest the first week was the toughest although it was enjoyable. There was plenty of DOMs as the lads kept talking about. The soreness from week one subsided after about 6 weeks…. ha ha only joking. After a few days everything was grand. Its amazing to  look back at were I started and see how my body progressed. I never thought it would be as rewarding but it was. Its just the feeling of completion knowing that I was progressing each and every time I entered the gym.

Nutrition to me meant Fish and Chips, Chinese/ Indian takeaway, and Pizza. Don’t get me wrong there was always a nice Sunday Roast every week and proper dinners during the week. However these were  always followed up with a bag of crisps, sweets and then another bag after another. I was constantly eating junk and it seemed to be getting worse, (not to mention the 4 bottles of wine and gin) so nutrition was a going to be a massive challenge for me.

I’m not going to lie. It was tough for the first few weeks cutting out all the junk food I had been consuming. After talking to the other guys who were in similar situations helped as we all joked about what we were craving. Then of course there’s the CHEAT DAY, for me this was like having a Christmas Day in every week.🎅🏻 So this was the plus for me and it didn’t mean that you totally gave up on all the foods you loved. The really good thing about this programme was that it educated you in terms of your health and fitness.

After a few weeks into the Nutrition things got a lot easier as I discovered that the range of good, clean, healthy food out there is massive and with a bit of planning on what I was going to eat and having a full fridge and food prepped the night before I realised it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, plus the advise I received meant it was a real learning curve and leaves me with the knowledge to allow me to make either good food choices or indeed bad.

It was only after 3-4 weeks into the programme I realised how low my energy levels previously had been and also how good it was to get a full nights sleep. I was really amazed at how quickly the programme can deliver results not just weight and shape but the feel good factor, energy levels were through the roof and a good nights sleep threw into the bargain, UNREAL.


Overall on completion of the program I dropped 11 – 12 kg and my energy levels were through the roof. You can’t put a price on feeling great and most importantly you can’t put a price your health.

I could quite easily have not joined the programme as I had massive doubts, and concerns if this really was for me and if I was capable of completing it. Looking back now I’m glad I made the call to Conor, after that everything else just falls into place in the way the programme is structured. My advise to anyone thinking about signing up is simple, don’t doubt yourself and don’t doubt this programme, make the call to “Clarke Fitness” have a private chat with Conor and the rest will be history.


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