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I had not been in a gym in 7 years

I had not set foot in a gym in 7 years. The time had come for me to change and get my health and fitness regime up and running again.



I came across the team at Clarke Fitness while surfing through facebook. I seen the results they had been producing with their 12 week programme and I toyed with it in my mind. To be honest I was making excuses of why not to do it. It was only when I contacted Conor and got talking to him about the programme I felt confident I could do it. The initial chat with him sold it to me as he reassured me that I would be amazed at the results he could deliver in 12 weeks. So there it was I took it on. 60 sessions in the 12 weeks.

Now I have just finished the 12wk programme the sense of achievement along with my results are amazing.

I was I bit sceptical whether I would stick to it or not, but I did!  The first 2 weeks were toughest for me as I previously stated I had not been in a gym for 7 years, but after that I had no problem. Conor set up a what app group for us so that he could answer any questions and also to allow us to share any meals we were eating to give us all different ideas.

After the first 2 weeks were done the whole programme kicked in well for me as I started to see massive changes in my physique. Prior to starting the programme my fitness level was very poor (not fit at all) and my diet was completely unhealthy, a lot of rubbish consumed.  I would eat anything at any anytime, now that the programme is over my fitness level is were we aimed for and my body fat is burned off.  On reflection of the photos that Conor took, one at the start and one at the end say it all.

Not only did my physique change greatly. I couldn’t believe the weight loss achieved dropping from 82kg down to 74kg. My strength increases were immense also starting pressing olympic bars on their own to pressing 40-50kg on certain exercises.

So if anyone one is in two minds whether to do it, don’t be afraid because if I can do it anyone can.  I have to say there was a great team that done it and the craic and motivation was good even at 6am!!! A special thanks to Conor Clarke who was brilliant as I couldn’t have done it without the him and his team at Clarke Fitness they are definitely the ones to get you back in shape. L.L.F (lift like f**ck)


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