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I was never really into the gym much, UNTIL !!

To be honest I was never really into the gym much, maybe the odd bit of walking or something along those lines. I would never really put myself down as a gym freak until I discovered the #R30 at Clarke Fitness.  One thing is for sure the name of this program definitely  mirrors what it does, it totally reinvented my body and my mind.

Prior to starting this program I never really cared for the gym much,  it was a love/hate relationship. I would join the gym at the start of the new year do the first month all guns blazing and that would be it. To be honest for this was because I had no direction in my fitness journey and when left to my own devices it all went south. I lost motivation pretty quick and before I knew it January was over and back to the same old me.

I seen the #R30 advertised on Facebook via Clarke Fitness and contacted the team. I signed up for the 6 week block prior to Christmas. Signing up to this program was pretty easy all I done was fill out a short form and then one of the guys (Ronan) give me a call and explained the concept and the type of training involved in completing this program. The 6am starts where tough at the start, the buzz you got after leaving the gym first thing in the morning was great, it really set me up for the day. The #R30 and the team at Clarke Fitness really took me out of my comfort zone and pushed me further towards my goals. People always say that they want the perfect physique but for me its about leading a healthier lifestyle and getting the best out of yourself.

This is my #R30 wave and loving every minute of it. I never in a million years think I would be doing any sort of weightlifting. To say I’m impressed would be and understatement. I love the variety and the mixture of the training that goes with this program as it keeps you interested. In regards the nutrition I found it pretty easy as I always made sure I was organised having plenty of healthy veg and sources of protein at near hand.

If your looking to get yourself in shape and give your body and mind the kick start it needs then get on this program. Don’t be like me, ask for help on your fitness journey and you will most definitely succeed. If I can do it anyone can.

#R30 (Revive-Revitalize-Reshape)

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