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I had never been in a gym setting before and was scared……..

I had been on the search for something after the new year to give me the kick start I was looking. To be honest I never really cared much for the gym or even exercise for that matter. But I had made an commitment to myself to live a healthier lifestyle.

The #R30 was recommended to me via a friend who had great results from the program. For years I had struggled with my overall general fitness levels  and having never been in a gym setting before I was scared I wouldn’t be fit enough for the program. However right from the off everyone was so friendly and it really was a relaxed environment to work out in but with a lot of encouragement and knowledge from Ronan I found myself getting stronger and fitter every week. To say I’m happy would be an understatement I’m ecstatic to think how far I’ve came in over my period of time doing this program.


Who would ever of thought that I would have loved early mornings. At the start they were challenging but I soon got used to it and really seen the benefits of  working out early in the morning. To all the ladies doing the program they showed great effort and enthusiasm.

Don’t get me wrong there are parts of the program that push you to your limit but I found as I got fitter and stronger they got easier. What I thought was really impressive was the level of the coaching of the Team at Clarke Fitness they were always on hand to make sure that everything from nutrition to your technique when lifting weights was spot on.

The thing that I enjoyed the most about the #R30 was the overall structure of the program. We always knew what we were in for, well some times at least lol, I’m to sure if that would be a good thing for some people. Overall this program the #R30 has helped me realise that nutrition is pretty simple if you don’t over complicate things and when you have a structured exercise and nutritional protocol to follow getting the results you want can become easy. I most definitely would urge anyone looking to lose weight or simply increase their fitness levels to give this program a go. I would like to finish off by thanking the team at Clarke Fitness helping throughout my time doing the program. It doesn’t stop their for me as I will be continuing with either the SSC or CFIT45.



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