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I needed change quick…….


I needed change quick………

I had been struggling to get into any sort of routine and I knew that I needed change quick as my wedding day was fast approaching.  Between work , family and organising a wedding time was few and far between.

I seen the #R30 advertised on Facebook and I decided to sign up. This was all straight forward as I filled out a form online and then Ronan rang me to arrange for me to come see him in regards the program. My biggest fear was training first thing in the morning as it started at 6am. To be honest I thought I would of struggled as I had never trained at this time before and you know what it most certainly is the best time to train. It completely sets me up for the day. The thing that I liked with the #R30 was the no nonsense attitude of Ronan as we were there to get results. He assured us if we followed the protocol and did the work the results would follow.

Before starting the #R30 I was stressed at the thoughts of my wedding, work and family commitments. They are most definitely right when they say that exercise is the best cure for things like this. One week of the #R30 and I felt great. The early mornings were tough at the start but when my body adjusted it was second nature.

The buzz in the gym at that time of the morning is great and everyone pushes really hard. I’m loving every minute of the #R30 at present the variety of the training is great. Its tough but enjoyable at the same time if that makes sense.

The majority of people I know always say the nutrition is the hardest part when they are training to get any sort of results at the gym. For me personally the nutrition was easier than the training as it didn’t cause any pain ha ha. What I loved about the nutrition was the fact that the team at Clarke Fitness helped us build a diet one that we can sustain after completion of the #R30.

If you were like me sitting on the fence in regards a program like this….. Don’t !!!!!

This program will do exactly what it stands for. It will Revive – Revitalize – Reshape your body and mind like it has done for me and so many others


#R30 (Revive-Revitalize-Reshape)

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