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My self esteem was rock bottom…

Prior to starting the notorious team at  Clarke fitness I had been off work sick for over a year. I had been on and off steroids throughout that year which coupled with very little exercise meant I had put on a lot of weight which in turn affected my self esteem which was soon nearly rock bottom.

I had continually being in touch with the team @ Clarke Fitness during the time of my ill health. They reassured me that they would be able to help me once I felt I my health issues were on the mend.

When eventually my health  improved I decided I needed to do something to get my fitness levels back and to lose the weight I had gained. I know for a fact and I’m sure there is a lot of people out there who have been in my position were they have been battling some sort of illness but have found it really tough to get back at it. I know its tough as I’ve been there. The biggest obstacle is actual going because once your there the battle is half won.

I started in February and went three mornings a week to the SSC working with Darnell and Pete. The sessions were brilliantly structured as they were laid out to get the best out of you. After a couple of weeks of training and watching my diet I could start to see results losing three pound the first week and losing the same the second so this gave me the boost I needed to continue. With continued encouragement from everyone in the gym I was buzzing. The atmosphere within the gym is great and everyone really pushes each other on which s great.

As each week passed my fitness levels improved and my weight loss increased I started to feel good again. The results I was seeing really pushed me on . I am convinced that my fitness regime has helped keep me in good health and I haven’t looked back since I got back to work.

Although I have probably reached my target weight loss I’m continuing on with the training because I am enjoying it so much and I have a new target now as I’m training for the World Police and Fire games in Los Angeles on 6th August.

To date I have lost 10 kilos and that’s really thanks to the boys at Clarke fitness for their motivation and training skills. I would most definitely recommend the Team here because they will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals.

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