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I got motivated after seeing other people transform

My journey was like everyone else’s it was tough but most of all it was enjoyable.


It was only when my brother in law   completed a body transformation program and got absolutely ripped it got me motivated to do to do one. But I had one problem I didn’t know who to get to help me do it. Clarke Fitness were recommended to me. At the time I weighed in at 15 stone 10lb, was completely out of shape despite the fact I had been training for 6 months at home on my own, getting nowhere fast. When I saw my bro’s photographs it spurred me on, I saved up the money and went to talk to Conor at Clarke Fitness.

Within five minutes of talking to Conor I thought, this guy knows his stuff and I asked when I could start. A wave started two weeks prior to me but I joined in and signed on. The guys already knew one another but welcomed me in and so it began, 60 sessions in 12 weeks and a nutrition plan to stick to like never before. The support from Conor and the guys and my determination to do well stopping me from eating the biscuit or sweets that I would normally tackle.

Being 35, unfit and overweight I was nervous to say the least. After only the first day I thought what have I signed up for here, tough is not the word. I focused on the nutrition and took one training session (I enjoyed them all btw) at a time and now I’m finished!

60 sessions later I am out the other side, unscathed, would I do it again, definitely! Guided by Conor in technique within the gym and supported by our whatsapp group where he provides constant support on nutrition, I couldn’t believe my progression during the training. I am stronger, leaner and fitter. I pushed myself at everything, seeing the other guys around me doing the same.

Things I have lost along the way:

  1. 2 stone and 4 lbs.
  2. Most of my wardrobe as clothes now hang off me.
  3. Incorrect assumptions I had about training and what I thought I should be doing to lose weight
  4. Crappy food choices

What I have gained throughout the journey

  1. Strength I never thought I could have
  2. A level of fitness I always wanted
  3. Confidence in myself that was always lacking
  4. Knowledge of correct nutrition and training
  5. Physical and mental wellbeing
  6. A group of friends who slogged it out with me, pushing me and making me get the most from me as hopefully I did for them.

What do you need for the successful body transformation:

  1. Clarke Fitness and Coach Conor Clarke
  2. Mental strength/Willpower
  3. 100% Determination to succeed
  4. 100%Dedication to the program
  5. 100% Trust in Conor and the program


If you want to change your life and achieve results you never have achieved before then go to Clarke Fitness, sign up and start your own 12 Week Physique journey.


It will be tough but you won’t regret it.


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