I was at a milestone age, over weight & very unfit - Clarke Fitness

I was at a milestone age, over weight & very unfit

I was at a milestone age, over weight & very unfit

This is my second wave of the #R30 – I was so pleased with my results in the first wave I came back for more! My motivation for taking part was having reached a milestone age I was over weight and unfit. I needed something that I could fit into my busy lifestyle of being a mum of three and working full time. I also needed someone to keep me on track to push me a little bit further when I’d want to stop or give up.

I go to the 6am group and yes it took a while to get used to the early start but It suits me. For an hour I can focus on just me no distractions of kids etc. I didn’t know anyone else in the 1st group prior to starting but that didn’t matter after the first few sessions and shared groans we became friendly urging each other on and laughing even when it hurt. (Aching 💪)
All abilities go to R30 from the unfit novice to the very fit – all levels are catered for

One of the best comments I can make about the R30 apart from losing weight and toning up is how it sets you up for the day in a positive way. Achieving a personal goal whether it be lifting that heavier weight, pushing the dreaded ‘prowler’ all the way or actually being able to run on the treadmill makes you stronger mentally. I leave the gym at 7am on a high, ready to take on the day.

I have to praise our R30 coach Ronan – he has a lot to put up with at times 😜. Apart from all the professional guidance making sure we are lifting correctly etc he has a lovely calm nature and when you think you’ve had enough that you can’t do it he’ll be there beside you pushing you on. Thanks Ronan

So if you’re reading this because you’re thinking about doing the R30 my advice is simple- do it, you won’t regret it.If you’re willing to put the effort in you will get results and you can have fun doing it too. Don’t be put off if you’re on own – go ahead you’ll meet new people and have some fun.
One last bit of advice make sure you get enough protein!!

#R30 (Revive-Revitalize-Reshape)

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