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I was at a mile stone age and need to do something

They say life at 50 is great , well sorry 52 to be precise. I was at a mile stone age and needed to do something. I never done any sort of exercise from my younger days and now at my tender age I was itching to do something. My sleeping pattern was up the left, I was carrying those unwanted extra pounds and just feeling like sh*t to be honest.

It wasn’t until I started working with a friend of mine that I heard of Clarke Fitness and what they had to offer. I decided to contact them which was relatively easy via Facebook. The reply was instant after my enquiry and I went in and met Conor. After my initial meeting with him he told me what to expect from the program and re-assured me that what results would be excellent if I followed his lead. My only concern was would I be able to hold out to 60 sessions in 12 weeks. Conor re-assured me yet again so I placed my trust in him. . The first week was tough as I was rising at 530am and starting at 6am in the gym. Learning all the new movements and getting the technique right was something the team at Clarke Fitness focused on. I soon realised it wasn’t all about how much weight you could get on the bar. The guys focused on the execution of every exercise to ensure proper technique at all times. There attention to detail was excellent from Week 1 – Week 12.

As the weeks went on I found the program got easier, I’m not sure why to be honest as its meant to get harder for the majority of people. Now by easier I don’t mean the actual sessions I mean the application of the sessions. Applying yourself properly to make sure you had the right food on board and correct amount of water ect. This is something I thought I would have struggled with but I didn’t. I love the idea of a structured nutrition and training plan. Then on top of that you have someone to hold you accountable for your actions.

I found out through this program how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and training. The key to succeeding on your fitness journey or this program is being organised and know what your doing on a daily basis in regards your nutrition and training.

Now after I have completed this program I’m a completely different man. I feel totally energised and I’m 2 stone lighter which is a massive plus for me. Prior the program I thought my results would not have been possible but the help and support from all the team at Clarke Fitness was second to none and they really spurred you on.
The team at Clarke Fitness are great ambassadors for the fitness industry as they putt all their efforts  into encouraging their clients and they are  always on hand for advice at any time. They also provide great after care to keep you on track with your goals.

If your reading this and your thinking your too old to complete a program like this, just look at what I did. I would most definitely encourage anyone thinking of joining Clarke Fitness in the new year to go for it as you won’t regret it.




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