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Membership T&Cs

Elite 6 Month Membership Contract

Many thanks for choosing the Elite 6 month membership.

Price of £149 per month

Here’s what’s included:-

  • Unlimited access to all session times.
  • Full ongoing nutritional coaching and guidance
  • Access to Conor and your coaches for ongoing coaching in any area of the programme.
  • Private online Facebook community support group
  • Private online Facebook nutritional support network.
  • Be a part of Team Awesome and get truly amazing results year round.

Terms of the agreement

  • The length of the membership is a minimum of 6 months.
  • After the initial 6 month period the membership will continue on a month by month basis at the same price or if you want to go for a further 6 months it will drop to £135
  • If you wish to cancel after the minimum term has been met, we require a 30-day notice period in order to fully terminate your membership and payments.
  • Cancellations should be sent to
  • Please note *Notice to cancel memberships received in any other way may cause delays and possible extra charges.
  • Payments will start on the first day of your membership and will be billed on the same date each month thereafter.
  • Exceptional circumstance – this is treated on a case by case basis where we have been working closely with a client who has a serious injury i.e. Broken bone, and therefore cannot train.
  • Early termination – If a client wishes to leave their membership early, a buy-out can be applied for the number of months completed against the Single month membership price at the start of this agreement of £149 per month.
  • I understand that my deposit for the program will be used to discount the cost  of a 6 month membership therein significantly reducing the monthly cost of the membership and that the full discount will be applied at the start date of this agreement.

Congratulations on making the investment in yourself and committing to reaching your body goals.

Were excited to be on this journey with you to get you into the best shape, and keep you in shape forever.

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