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I had no energy and I lacked motivation...

I needed help as I had a family wedding coming up..

This was a common thing no energy , sleep wasn't great and I needed help to rectify this.

I came across Clarke Fitness on Facebook. To be honest I was apprehensive at first. I just wasn't sure, I was thinking about all the usual stuff. Would I be fit enough , I'm too old ect. All these thoughts raced through my mind as I tried to talk myself out of this , just like I had done on many occasions.

I had struggled with losing weight before and it began to get frustrating. I had attended other gyms and tried different things but it didn't seem to work. I needed help pretty quick as I had a family wedding.

Clarke Fitness was always at the back of my mind.So I kept a close eye on their Facebook page

To be honest I liked what I saw from their Facebook they seemed to know what they were talking about.

With a nervous excitement took the plunge and I filled out one of their online forms as I need help.I needed direction and I knew that this was the team to do it!!

Upon contacting Clarke Fitness I spoke to Conor. He sat down with me and we worked out what I wanted to achieve.

Goals set , nutrition looked at and assessed. I now was ready to get going.

Before starting into Small Group Personal Training Conor took me for a couple for one to one sessions to make sure I was able to execute all exercises with proper form and technique. Once this was complete I was ready to go.

Just touching on it I again , previously I had been to other gyms and I was threw in at the deep end totally not ready for the class I had attended. This left me feeling frustrated. Clarke Fitness and the set up Conor has totally put me at ease and I knew I was ready.

Joining the SGPT was great. Everyone was so welcoming and the atmosphere is great. To be honest at first I was a bit apprehensive about joining a group training environment as I did not know what to expect.

Now I would change it for the world as everyone pushes in the one direction with one common goal.

To feel better and look great.

Life now looks great as I continue to push on and achieve more on my fitness journey. I am being educated about nutrition , I am getting stringer and fitter.

The bonus ball is...

I'm feeling great , sleeping a lot better and doing all the things I thought were not possible.

I'm even losing weight which is great. One thing I have learnt is that it's not all about weight loss. Once a upon a time that would have been my sole focus. Not no more.

I see this now as a life style change for me.

To say I love it is an understatement.

Thanks to Conor & the team for all the work so far.

So the journey continues.......

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'I now have more energy than before and I feel great and I would recommend Clarke Fitness to anyone looking to better themselves'

Mary Carragher

Let's hear what our clients had to say.......

Just completed my first wave of the R30 programme!! All I can say is that I highly recommend this programme. Ronan, and all the team are highly professional and are first class in the gym, from advise on diet plan to motivating you on the daily morning visits they really are outstanding! Anyone who asked me about the programme I told them I loved it, early starts no bother as used to getting up at that time anyway but your body clock gets used to it! Very pleased with the results as I couldn't have achieved the results myself in the 6 weeks, and now ready for the next wave, bring it on!Thanks again to all the team at clarkes gym, me is ready for more torture on Monday morning!

Linda Jordan

Excellent variety of fitness programs available at this gym to suit all needs and goals. Personally I’ve just finished the A12 programme and would highly recommend this to anyone as the results this course can deliver are phenomenal, plus what you learn about health, nutrition and good eating habits is unreal which will give you the opportunity to be able to develop your own healthy eating plan which suits your own lifestyle, as what suited me may not necessarily suit the next person. Then there’s the training all delivered by professional fitness instructors which makes the training very enjoyable. Anyone who would be thinking of trying this course I would 100% recommend you at least make the call. I could guarantee you will not be disappointed as there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain from this program plus the training and knowledge you pick up will stay with you for the rest of your life.

James Johnston

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