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I Made A Commitment To Myself I Was Going To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

I Made A Commitment To Myself I Was Going To Live A Healthier Lifestyle
I decided to enroll in the A12 program at Clarke Fitness as after seeing the advertisement and following the link I was highly impressed with the program structure and the potential results that could be achieved.
Earlier in the year I made a commitment that I was going to lose weight and get in shape. To a degree this was successful but after losing 3 stone with jogging, cycling and cutting out junk food I hit a plateau both in terms of weight loss and physical stamina and endurance. I realised that I could not achieve my goal without help and I found this help at Clarke Fitness less that half a mile from my house.
The process to enroll was quite straightforward. After completing the profile online Conor invited me to the gym and explained everything about the program, what Clarke Fitness would do for me and what my obligations were also, there were no secrets and everything was laid out so I knew exactly what was in front of me. You see its not just a matter of paying the fees and turning up for training you have to commit to the nutritional aspect, extra cardio and more importantly you have to commit mentally to the ethos of the A12 program.
The A12 program I found was a “state of mind” once engaged it consumes all aspects of your life for those 12 weeks. No matter what you have planned in your life the A12 will not be too far from your thoughts, I soon learned to think not How the program can accommodate me and my schedule? but how my schedule accommodates the A12.
For me the hardest part was adhering to the nutrition for others it was the training but your body soon rewards you for providing it with the proper food and not piling up on junk and empty calories – How many of us would put the wrong fuel in our cars, if we do, it wont be too long before we are at the garage, it’s the same with our bodies, give it the wrong food and it wont work to its proper potential.
With that in mind I soon began to see my body taking shape, my stamina and endurance levels improving beyond expectation and a general feel good factor setting in psychologically and giving me a boost throughout the day. For example prior to the gym my absolute limit at running was about 8 miles now I can run 12 mile without even approaching the level of exhaustion and fatigue I was experiencing previously.
I have to say that I found the overall experience thoroughly rewarding both physically and mentally, I would go further and say that every minute I was doing it I knew I was doing something good and worthwhile. during the times when I found it mentally challenging I had to dig deep with that thought in mind plus the encouragement from Conor seen me past the post as well.

Having completed the A12 I don’t see my time in the gym as coming to an end but rather only beginning this is in thanks to the A12 and the tremendous guidance, supervision and support provided by Conor Clarke and indeed all the staff at Clarkes Fitness.
If I could give one bit of advice it would be – If you enroll in the A12 program you will need to commit to it 100% and follow the direction of your personal trainer. The program will soon expose any lack of commitment on your part and just make it difficult for you.
I would like to thank Conor for his excellent training, the staff at Clarke Fitness and my wife Orla who put up with me prowling about the house at 5 am and who also provided massive support and encouragement to me.
Being as succinct as I can – “if you want to train like a champion, get the results of a champion then you have to go to champions and those people are all to be found at Clarke Fitness”.

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