I was continually putting on weight and I knew I needed to do something quick.....

I felt like s*it.......

I was gradually putting on weight.

My routine was terrible.

I needed a change pretty quick....

I started to notice how bad I looked and I always felt tired and lethargic. I basically just hit rock bottom about the way I looked an felt. I knew this could not continue or I would end up in more of a downward spiral.

I struggled as I lacked the knowledge to change my eating and training habits although I did try. I grew frustrated as I tried different training and nutritional protocols but to no avail. I tried for a few weeks and couldn't see any results. This had a negative impact on me and my training as it would deteriorate then. My training would stop and my eating would go back to what it was before. I just felt that I couldn't change as I tried so many times and failed.Then I came across Clarke Fitness. I was amazed by some of the awesome transformations they had completed. I knew this would be right up my street as this program had what I needed.

I needed the proper advice on nutrition and the right training program to deliver the results I wanted. I then applied straight away. After filling out the application I was contacted by Conor who set up a meeting. The meeting was really good as we discussed the whole in and outs of the program and the sort of commitment it required. I was on board and I couldn't wait to start.

The start of the program couldn't come quick enough as my motivation was at an all time high. After the first week I had a spring in my step as I had a goal to achieve. I began to get the real buzz for training back and I was totally hooked on the program. The atmosphere in the gym was class everyone really pushes you on as they want you to achieve your goal also. The place is built on results and helping people achieve them is what matters.

After the first few weeks I started to notice changes in my body. My clothes were fitting better, I was sleeping better and my overall mood was great. I realised during the program that when you get the right advice from the right people it sets you up for your success. It really hit home when my friends and work colleagues started to notice weight I lost. This give me more motivation to drive on.

I set myself a personal goal to improve all major lifts ie Bench Press, Deadlift ,Military Press and Squat. I always came with a positive mental attitude and I wanted the smash each workout.I firmly believe that it was the constant support of the team at Clarke Fitness that gives your the positive attitude to push on.

Now as I reflect on my time completing the A12 I feel an immense sense of achievement as 60 sessions in 12 weeks is more than most would complete in 2 years. Looking back at my photos its really satisfying to see the massive change in my physique. Dropping 2 stone and getting really strong is a massive feat for me considering where I started. It won't stop there for me as I aim to continue training with the team a Clarke Fitness. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone at Clarke Fitness for helping smash my goals. I couldn't be happier with what I achieved. If your out there or your reading this and you were like me at the start constantly yoyo- ing with your training and weight. Don't hesitate to contact this team. The level of knowledge that the have is unreal and they will help you achieve your goals without a shadow of a doubt.

"Find out how busy professionals are getting these results just like you can"

''In order to be successful you need to surround  nyourself with people that will push you on and for  for this reason I joined Clarke Fitness''


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