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I was feeling tired all the time and I lacked energy...

Having 3 young kids means you really want as much energy as possible......

Before I discovered Clarke Fitness I was having serious problems with my fitness regime. I had been a member of different gyms through work but it never really worked out as I didn't know how to do weights and the gym instructors were not that helpful. This lead to indiscipline and in-turn I was then not motivated to keep going.
Having 3 young kids, you really want to get them as much of your energy as you can, but I felt like I was lacking zest after days at work. I started to feel lethargic and lacked energy.

The more I struggled I knew I needed to seek help. I came across the team at Clarke Fitness.

I filled out one of their online forms and the rest his history.

Conor and the team are very friendly and no assumptions are made about previous experience. First off I was shown the proper technique that I should be using on the different training exercises which gave me a good foundation to build on.

Training with a small group of like minded people also meant I was inspired to work hard at it, even if it was 6am in the morning! There is a great sense of team as well as all trying hard to get good results.

I probably realised around week 4 that I was starting to notice a difference in my general well being and energy levels. It was definitely tough at the start, but the training session in the morning was really setting me up for the day and I started to notice a difference in my core strength and ability.

The great thing also is the way these guys layout their nutrition. Phase 1 initial consultation to get some information on what your are currently doing. Its then tailored to suit your needs.

They have a wealth of knowledge within their inner circle , cook books , smoothie books and live videos on cooking which helped me greatly.

Having finished a 12 week program, I feel more confident that I can continue to achieve any goals that I set myself. It doesn't stop there for me I will continue to push on.

I have way more energy to devote to home-life and feel like it can only get better the more I put in.

One thing I have taken away from this is that if you need help on your fitness journey. This team at '' Clarke Fitness '' is the team to be with. They will go above and beyond in order to help you achieve your goals.

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I am currently half way through my second R30 wave and can say nothing only positive things about the programme, clarke fitness and all the coaches! I was a bit apprehensive about starting the gym but from day one I was made feel at ease, there is a great atmosphere in the gym and no one looks down there nose at you like I have seen in other gyms! The coaches push you to the limit but after it I feel great, I would recommend the programme to anyone no matter what level of fitness! I have seen great results in myself and the others on the programme! To anyone that is reading this and thinking awk I don't know I couldn't do that or sure that's not for me, all I can say is if you do it you won't regret it, its a great programme and if you are willing to work hard you will get the results!!

Kevin Mcgahan

Having participated in 2 waves of the fantastic R30 program I now attend the 6am SSC class on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

For me the SSC is an enjoyable way to maintain my weight loss and also a great way to keep improving my strength and fitness levels.

Classes can be tough but group camaraderie gets everyone through and Pete our coach- what can I say- they broke the mould with that one

Would highly recommend this class!

Stephanie Guy-Rafferty

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