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Ladies who lift ………..

Ladies who lift.. There is always a myth that goes with this. Strength training is and always will be and integral part of my fitness regime

This was my second go at this program as the first attempt didn’t start of very well. I was 2 weeks into it and loving it and then I broke my thumb. To my dismay I had to pull out as potential operation loomed. Thankfully I didn’t need it just had to spend 8 weeks in a cast.

Prior to starting this wave of the A12  I didn’t feel very good about myself, it had been 3-4 month lay off from  any sort of exercise and my eating habits were terrible. I was in the valley of despair. I knew I had to to something to get back into some sort of shape but had little motivation in doing so. Looking back now I didn’t realize how easy it is to let yourself go.

The new year had  just arrived and I made an executive decision that I was going to get back in shape. After all it’s my wedding year and I need all the energy I could get and that’s when I went to see Conor and the team at Clarke Fitness.  Signing up to this program was easy just seen the advert on facebook and then filled out the application form. For most women signing up to a program like this would be a daunting experience. Not me.. You see I love the gym and I love lifting weights so I was right at home with this type of training.

The beginning of the A12 was a real wake up call. It was early mornings it was full on and it was a full commitment. Thankfully Conor was always at hand to encourage and support. I can’t deny that I really enjoyed it and felt a sense of achievement after each session complete. I was moving up weights rapidly and I was getting fitter each week. Just thinking about it now I could not believe my strength increases over the period of the 12 weeks. I finished up benching pressing 55 kg for multiple reps and able to knock out 3 chin ups so it was a massive plus for me in that respect. One thing that I found really easy in regards this program was the nutrition as they guys where always on hand to help you and guide you in respect of your eating habits. People always think that programs like this are some sort of crazy diet but it is far from it as its about making healthier food choices. After changing my diet in line with the training I was a different person  my energy levels were through the rough and I slept like a baby at night.

On completion of this program I have never felt as good. My nutritional habits and lifestyle completely changed and I will be continuing on with it for the for see able future. To be honest it was a big step for me signing up to the A12 but one I most certainly wont regret as it give me the tools to continue this for the rest of my life. I learnt a lot from this program and I am most definitely my own worst enemy. One thing I will take away from this program is that  ‘nobody else will do it for you’  You have to put in the work.

One final note I would like to thank everyone who helped me  over the course of the 12 weeks especially John fields for is morale boosting stories and the craic.


A12 Armagh

Yes its a long form, but if you cant be bothered to fill it out, this is an early indicator you are not right for this program.

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