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I had my own problems just like everyone else..

In regards life, work and getting the balance between the two right..

At 47 years of age I decided I needed to change my lifestyle to try and improve my health and well being.

I was very over weight,had high blood pressure and my work and homelife was getting more and more difficult for me to cope with.I was off work and attending my GP for treatment of depression so really my problems where quite serious regarding both my physical and mental health.

Recently my GP had said that he thought I had " burnt myself out" at that stage and in reflection it was then last August 2017 that I first contacted Clarke Fitness.

In the past I had availed of through work membership of a local Leisure Centre and would attend the fitness suite on my own or spin classes.There was also access to a relaxation suite which in truth I probably more often frequented.I thought sweating a few pounds out was doing myself good when in reality I now know i was really dehydrating myself and feeling the detrimental side effects of this.

If I did go to the fitness suite I tended to be a 3 sets of 10 reps man on one of the weights machines.

I only done upper body weights and never exercised my legs apart from running on the treadmill.I had no real motivation or focus to what i was doing and therefore had no stickability.Any benefits I thought I was getting allowed me to eat really what i wanted that day which indeed was often fast foods,comfort foods or even too much alcohol.I wanted to lose weight,feel healthier and fit better in my clothes but was frustrated I was not achieving this.

Clarke Fitness for me provided the total package.

After first making contact through email to then meeting with Conor and Ronan I felt with their help I could achieve a better healthier lifestyle.They got a history of where I was at now and what i wanted to achieve.They outlined how i could work towards this by combining an exercise and nutritional programme as well as coaching me mentally and physically as well as support through their social media groups and email contacts.

The moment i realised this would work for me was really quite early on.

I had signed up for the A12 programme and it was the first coaching session where i met the others in the group.They where very friendly and like minded in what they wished to achieve and the exercises where varied which gave me encouragement.

The nutritional advice also had quite an early effect.Increasing my water intake and replacing my diet with a wide variety of better choices made me feel less sluggish during my day and helped me to train better too.So now my life has changed so much for the better.Recently i weighed myself and the last time i was this weight I am now i was a teenager!!!!

My blood pressure is controlled and physically I can do things I never could for example pull-ups and believe me this made me feel great I could.

I also think i have less aches and pains generally than before and I have more get up and go during my day to do things.I know I will have to battle with my mental health but my self esteem is better and i feel a bit more self confident as a person.I use the Insight Timer app for meditation and to help me get over to sleep at nights and all in all with better physical and mental health I am in a much better place now.

Next week,the end of June 2018,I will complete my third 12 week block programme.

Even though I record in a diary what exercises,weights and reps I am doing I know if I was to try and do things on my own again I would be setting myself up to fail. I wouldn't push myself and I intend to keep working in the SGPT setting. In the past I looked on going to the gym as a chore but I look on Clarke Fitness as a club with friendly staff and members who are investing in their health and enjoying doing so.

It's not always good to live in the past but i often think what way my life may have been different if i had joined Clarke Fitness years ago.

It is working for me but i know I need to keep going. I would encourage anyone to take that step and contact Clarke Fitness.

"Would YOU like to know more about
what we do ?"

''I had just competed 12 weeks training and dropped 12kg it seemed impossible at the time but  not no more , that was
only the start ''

Joe Fegan

Let's hear what our clients had to say.......

Just completed my first wave of the R30 programme!! All I can say is that I highly recommend this programme. Ronan, and all the team are highly professional and are first class in the gym, from advise on diet plan to motivating you on the daily morning visits they really are outstanding! Anyone who asked me about the programme I told them I loved it, early starts no bother as used to getting up at that time anyway but your body clock gets used to it! Very pleased with the results as I couldn't have achieved the results myself in the 6 weeks, and now ready for the next wave, bring it on!Thanks again to all the team at clarkes gym, me is ready for more torture on Monday morning!

Linda Jordan

Excellent variety of fitness programs available at this gym to suit all needs and goals. Personally I’ve just finished the A12 programme and would highly recommend this to anyone as the results this course can deliver are phenomenal, plus what you learn about health, nutrition and good eating habits is unreal which will give you the opportunity to be able to develop your own healthy eating plan which suits your own lifestyle, as what suited me may not necessarily suit the next person. Then there’s the training all delivered by professional fitness instructors which makes the training very enjoyable. Anyone who would be thinking of trying this course I would 100% recommend you at least make the call. I could guarantee you will not be disappointed as there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain from this program plus the training and knowledge you pick up will stay with you for the rest of your life.

James Johnston

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