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I’ve a bad back…………????

I’ve a bad back if I’ve heard this once I’ve heard it a million times. Given todays society I don’t understand why so many people let this continue.Well I don’t we help them bullet proof it.There is not a week goes by that I don’t hear this in the gym. There have been people from all walks of life  decide they have a bad back at the first sign of a weakness. The majority of the people I’ve came across have had bad backs for numerous years and unfortunately done nothing about it. A problem like this can be fixed if certain exercises are applied by the individual. All in all your back plays a pivotal  roll in your health and someone with a bad back can be aged by at least 10 years. So its very important to nip it on the bud straight away.

There are various reasons why people can have back pain but the number one offenders for me are not stretching it, years of wear and tear and poor technique when it comes to lifting things.  A lot of people would injure themselves trying to train like professional athletes and their backs suffer as a result. Simple tasks such as digging the garden, lifting bins or one that use to present me a problem was when bathing and washing the kids. I found that it  put serious pressure on my back. The best preventative solution for back pain is exercise. What you should be setting out to do is to stretch and strengthen your core muscles. The obliques — the abdominal muscles on your sides — are especially important for back stability, Get an inflatable exercise ball. Use it in your workouts and sit on it, instead of a chair, to engage your abs. Another thing you can do is learn to engage activate your abdominal’s when perfecting squatting technique. Having tight hip flexors cause a greater lumbar curve, which also causes the glutes to become weak.

I have seen it time and time again and again where bad technique doing any sort of exercise can lead to a back injury. To prevent this happening you should be assessed by your coach prior to lifting any sort of weight. You should be coached preferably with a light bar progressing towards weight. Only moving with the appropriate progression given that your back is 100%.

Bullet proofing your core muscle is a must and I’m going to give you exercises which can aid you if you have have back trouble.

Work on the first 3 activation exercises and the next 3 stretching exercises.

  1. Glute bridging
  2. Supermans
  3. Mini Band Walk
  4. Hip Flexor
  5. Back Extension
  6. Cook Lift

Watch the short video on how to execute these exercises


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