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I was injured and needed to keep in shape…..

Before I decided to do the A12 I’d spoke to Conor about it a few times and always put it off due to football training etc and not having time, basically just excuses not to commit to it.  But I knew once I fully  commit to something I give it my all.

I injured myself in preseason with my local GAA team An Port Mor. I damaged the ligaments in my ankle which would leave me side lined for up to 6 weeks. During this time I was unable to do much apart form a little rehab issued by the physio and as soon as I went back to training my fitness levels where nowhere near what I wanted them to be. On my return after this first spell on the sides lines I started back training with the team. One week in I wrecked my ankle again. I was distraught as I was looking at up to 8 weeks this time for a reoccurring injury. I decided that when it happened this time that I was coming back fitter and stronger the next time round. I was on the search for a programme that would allow me to increase my fitness levels and get me really strong.

I contacted Conor as I knew he was in this line of work and I was very positive he could help me out. On explaining my current injury status to Conor he assured me that he had the programme for me. I needed something that would give me the itch and the drive to come back better and stronger. It wasn’t before long that I then signed up to the notorious A12 programme that Conor runs at the gym. I seen previous people that completed this type of programme and their results were outstanding so I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. Given my injury we went through  various things that I wasn’t able to do. However  he said he would be able to accommodate me with different exercises to allow me to get the best possible session.

Before starting programme Conor was very detailed in key points of preparation in regards to food etc, although the first week was hard getting use to the nutritional plan I found that if you had the right food in the cupboards and planned ahead the diet wasn’t too bad. I was lucky enough that I had the help of my lovely wife Melissa, she was always on hand prepping the food and making sure the right portions of food on certain days.

The training 5 mornings a week was tough but very enjoyable, once you got into a routine it became easy getting up for it and there was a few of us doing it which made it easier and a bit more craic in the morning.

Overall I can’t recommend the programme enough, the difference in my appearance, strength and overall fitness from beginning to finish is unbelievable, I’d have always trained with football and went to the gym but this is the first time I’ve had the right nutritional advice and it has really shown. Conor made the programme so easy to follow and was always on hand for advice with the eating and any other queries I had throughout the 12 weeks.

I’d advise anyone considering starting a programme to get in contact with Clarke fitness, you won’t be disappointed top class gym with top class coaches.

Keep her fit😜

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