I was scrolling through facebook - Clarke Fitness

I was scrolling through facebook

All men will understand this…
While waiting hours on my woman Louise to get ready I was doing what ever other man does with their spare time when waiting on women to get ready. I was scrolling through nosey book (Facebook) when I stumbled cross Clarke Fitness. I then came across their outstanding results they had been producing with their notorious A12 program. I questioned myself whether I could do something like that. The reason being I had at one stage of my life been 133kg and I now was just under 100kg.  However I said F**K it il apply and see what way it goes. Following my application I received a text from Conor  and then I met up with him  and Ronan the following week.
The initial meeting with the lads was great. They let you know everything you needed to know about the program and they were up front and honest about it being hard work. But I left that meeting with them determined to succeed at all costs.
Prior to the program starting we went in for technique sessions as Conor called them. I thought this was really good as it meant everyone could hit the ground running when the program started.
It kicked off in early September and I have not looked back since. One thing is for sure is that the 12 weeks most certainly fly as Conor says to me at the start of the program. Day 1 walking down the stairs I says to the other lads only another 59 days to go. It was funny but it really went quick. I think its a lot to do with the way the run it in a semi private environment everyone working together as a team and spurring each other on.
In regards the nutrition I knew what it was like to cut out the bad foods as I had done it before dropping 33kg in the process. But I had now hit a wall prior to the program and couldn’t achieve my goals. The diet is plain and simple no processed foods. It involves foods that are good clean, healthy and filling. It wasn’t before long that I could see big changes in my body and my over all health.
Before the program I was always trying to watch what I was eating but I was completely lost in the training side of things. This was until I started with the team at Clarke Fitness as they kept me right every step of the way.
Coming form a manual labouring background as a bricklayer I thought 5 times per week would be tough. I was right it was challenging but in a good way as I was being rewarded with the changes in my physique. This gave me the drive to push on.
As I said before about 5/6 years ago I was 20 stone. I lost 5 stone myself but over the course of the last year or two my weight has yoyoed and I have now found a new lease of life. I’m in the best shape of my life ( shame I was’nt 21 ehhh?? lmao)
Overall this program has been a massive benefit to me as over the course of the 12 weeks I dropped a massive 15.5 kg. After the photo shoot I took one week off the gym to let myself to recuperate. I’m looking forward to getting back at it again.
As I now look back on my photos I feel a massive sense of achievement. To think were I was 5/6 years ago to were I am now its just crazy.
As for the team at Clarke Fitness they are most definitely up there with the best in the business. They were always on hand to help you at any stage day or night. They have definitely have got the best out of me and I can’t thank them enough. I just wish I had came across this crew sooner in my life.
For any one sitting on the fence about the A12 or even going to Clarke Fitness,  well get of the fence pull the splinters out of your arse and get there…. ..
Thanks for everything lads and for the lads who done the program with me didn’t know one of them at the start but I  have most certainly come out with new mates ..
Thanks once again Conor and all at the gym..
Marcus Anthony Anderson
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