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I was dragged along…..

To be honest I was dragged along kicking and screaming.

I never really knew much about the gym or what people done in it until the motor mouth Micky Daly informed me that he had started. I was a bit like him just a we bit over weight and always going to the back of the cupboard for the big boy jeans and at times they were still too tight lol.

In all fairness I was grateful that Micky took me along with him as I needed this as much as him. Jumping on the weigh bridge the first morning was a bit of a shock to say the least. I was nearly 120 kg / 18.9 stone. I knew I was a big cub but not that big lol. I never even bothered with photos the first day I was that pissed off at myself, the way I had let myself go.

I now was at the place that was going to sort me out once and for all. I had made a commitment to myself that I was going to do this. The targets were set and the plan was laid out and things were about to get smashed.

The first day / week are always the hardest for anyone starting an exercise regime. The reason for this is your body is adjusting to things its not accustomed to. I recall the muscle soreness as the team in the gym referred to it as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  It wasn’t long before this passed , a few days or so. Looking back at my starting weights is crazy. I started  pressing empty bars and really light dumb bells to finishing on 85kg bench press for multiple reps. Its just insane to think how far I came to be honest. Dropping 4 stone and getting strong as f**k in the process.

I completed 24 weeks of this program and it was by no means easy. The training was tough but the toughest for me was being organised with my nutrition as I was constantly on the move travelling from one job to the next.  Making the change at the at start was hard but I adjusted to it. I just needed to cut out all the shit I was eating and be more economical with my food choices. Instead of opting for the £1 bag of Mc Coys and Twirls which were delicious to say the least lol I just substituted them for a selection of fruit and natural greek yoghurt. The one thing I did notice from changing my diet was the difference in my energy levels and sleeping pattern. It became a lot easier to sleep and I was bursting with energy.

I have to took a lot away from this program. I have been educated on nutrition and training which will allow me to continue on my fitness journey.  I know there is plenty of people out there like me that are around 18 stone plus and are scared to make a commitment to get themselves in shape. This could be for various reasons beyond some peoples control. But if it is apprehension and fear of what people think this was just like me at the start. One thing I will tell you that if you attend Clarke Fitness this will be totally alleviated as they will go above and beyond to make you feel welcome.

Just finishing off and looking back on my time doing the A24 with Clarke Fitness I feel nothing but a sense of pride to what I completed. I have proved the doubters wrong and showed people that a busy business man can jungle family life and lose 4 stone at the same time.

Thanks to all the team at Clarke Fitness and to my mate Mickey Daly for dragging me along.


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