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I got something more from this program

Before I started the A12 I was doing Small Group Personal Training with Ronan for 2-3 days a week. Although I was being pushed to the limit every training session ( there is never an easy training session in Clarke Fitness) and was the fittest I had ever been I wanted a new challenge and something that would bring me totally out of my comfort zone. I had seen the A12 guys in the past doing their workouts and I thought I should be able to do that.

The first week of the programme I was nervous of what was ahead of me but the programme is completely fool proof. Your weight programme is set out for you for the week at your own ability with a cardio programme at the end of each session which where a killer on their own. Although you where lifting weights to your own ability you where motivated by the coaches to push you on and get the best out of yourself. In the words of Pete ‘Just suck it up Alicia’ lol

To me the nutrition was the part of the programme I was dreading the most. I knew I wouldn’t get the longed for results without sticking to the nutrition plan. Again this was easy to follow and lead out clearly by the coaches it was just up to us to follow it. It was tough the first week with the sugar cravings still there after Christmas but after that your mind was in the right place to get stuck into the meal prep and have yourself prepared for the week ahead.

The benefits I have got out of this programme have been amazing. I got top class advice on training techniques and nutrition from a first class set of coaches. Although everyone wants the longed for six pack at the end I got something more than that- my strength levels and energy have gone through the roof. Yes it feels fantastic that my clothes are fitting me better and I can wear anything I want in my wardrobe but nothing beats that feeling of pushing yourself to the limits in a training session and going up a weight every week or beating your previous time.

When I decided to do this programme I had doubts everyday about it until the first day of it but after that I never looked back. I have two kids and work full time- yes it was tough but 1 hour a day for 5 days of the week is nothing in the long run. Just do it you won’t regret it!




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