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I Couldn’t Believe The Change In My Physique in 21 Sessions


At 50 years young  I had set myself a goal that I would have Abs. I know everyone has them somewhere but most of the time they are not showing and my goal was to have showing. I had one problem at the time. ”I didn’t know how to get them. You see I’d being training for years and mostly doing long mundane cardio workouts or some form of conditioning and it had got to the point where I had become board of the workouts. Prior to starting my program with the guys I had a very busy lifestyle, I had interrupted sleeping patterns, lacked in energy and motivation. ”I NEEDED CHANGE and guidance in my fitness journey.”

I had heard reports of the guys at Clarke Fitness and I had seen some of the work they had done. To say the least I was intrigued in some of the transformations as the results they had been producing were awesome.  With a nervous excitement I contacted the guys to see what they could do for me. After contacting the guys I went and met them, we sat down for a strategy planning session to  get the best program that suited me. FAST FORWARD 7 weeks and 21 sessions later: BOOM I had the result I wanted


This program was specifically designed to suit my needs it has creative and most of all enjoyable. I had got the buzz back for training. My energy levels were consistent throughout the day again when before they had been non existent.  I’m now like a different person both inside and out I’ve now a clear mind,uninterrupted sleep, loads of energy, improved confidence and self belief thanks to this Transformation Program.

You always hear people taking about nutrition and nutrition is the most important part of training. Well I beg to differ because my eating habits were generally good, however during the program they got better.  I believe especially in my situation that it comes down to the program it self  and how well its delivered.  To be honest I have to commend the guys they  are very meticulous  in their approach to helping you transform your body as they make sure everything is on point.

If I was to give advice to someone starting a transformation program with the guys I would say

  • Treat your training sessions like appointments not work.
  • Believe in yourself, if you do falter, dust your self down and refocus
  • Push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone
  • On mornings/days you’re not feeling up to training ask yourself, what would you regret the most, training or not training?

On a final note I would like to thank all the team at Clarke Fitness for helping me achieve these results. One thing is for sure they have definitely learnt a lot form this in regards training and mindset. Famous words train the mind and the body will follow.


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