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How do deal with the Heat

As Temperature Soar and your training has come to a halt. Try out these tips to stay Cool and the most important getting a good nights sleep. You will feel better and more motivated to train.


1. A DARK room is a cooler room. Close curtains and blinds where possible and when a room is not in use.

2. EAT little and often. Your body heats up to digest food so enjoy more frequent smaller meals rather than big ones.

3. TURN off electrical appliances and plug sockets when not in use – all emit heat.

4. PUT bed sheets and pillow cases in the fridge or freezer. They will be cool when you are ready to sleep.

5. PLACE a bowl of ice cubes by a fan to create your own air conditioning.

6. WEAR cotton clothes. It’s one of the only materials that breathes and helps stop sweating.

7. KEEP hydrated. Sip cool water often throughout the day, as you lose liquid from your body as you sweat.

8. CHILL your pulse points. Running cold water over wrists, temples and even your feet helps cool your body down quicker.

9. EAT spicy food. People in some of the world’s hottest countries love chilli. The chemical capsaicin in the peppers actually helps cool you down.

10. FILL a hot water bottle with cold water and keep it in the fridge. Pop it under the bed covers or take it with you on a hot journey.

11. GO veggie. Your system has to work hard to digest animal products, especially red meat. This raises metabolic heat and warms up your body for longer.

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