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I was on holiday when it really hit home…..

To be honest I was never a gym person or really into fitness. It was on holidays a few months ago in Portugal where it really it home with me. I was badly out of shape and wasn’t happy within myself.

I work in a pub at night so I was always eating really late , crisps , nuts , Chinese , chippys and drinking diet coke constantly, I was on a down ward spiral. One of my close friend’s of mine had signed up to the R30 program  Clarke Fitness . I said that they were mad getting up at 6am to go to the gym . After a few weeks I really started to notice a big difference in this person in there body shape and also their personality. It got me thinking it must be that #R30. So I said to myself could I do this and put a halt to the slippery slope that I was on. So I got in contact with Ronan and ask him to sign me up to the #R30 program the first big move done and dusted. I put the phone down and the doubt set in. I wouldn’t be able to do this, I’ll ring Ronan back and just tell him to forget about it. Monday morning came after just a few hours sleep tossing and turning  trying to think of something that would stop me from going. Six am arrived(F*@k it).

I got the first session over me and I have to say, first off that the other people in my group where so friendly and very welcoming in deed and someone always took up the slack if some of us were not motivated enough during the session .  I actually felt really good after the first session and then every session got better and better as the week went on. I really thought the early mornings would be my undoing but definitely not, I felt fresh and ready to go every morning .

I Have to say that Ronan and Peter where very good at their job and the way they plan there week out was excellent . Every day was different and a new challenge which everyone accepted with a great big smile. The bar was always raised just enough to let you know how far you had come from the first week.

Nutrition wise Ronan advised us what to eat and what not to eat which was also a massive help and very manageable to do. He give me a different outlook towards my relationship with food and it wasn’t that I had to watch everything that I put in my mouth.

I’ve now finished he R30 program. In week one 06-06-17 ,I weigh in @ 15st 12lb now in week six 11-07-17 I weigh in @ 13st 12lb . A massive difference to my body weight and in truth I feel full off energy like never before . So I have to say a massive thank you to clarke fitness and also the guys in my group for the encouragement over these six weeks . I would definitely advise anybody to sign up to the R30 program , definitely . Six weeks ago I was so bloated , overweight and felt really tired everyday . Today I feel great and full off energy . So thank you again Clarke Fitness.

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