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It helped me both mentally and physically

As I now look back on my time after completing the Armagh 12 Weeks Physique. I now know how important health and fitness can be to your overall life style. This program completely transformed me physically and mentally. So here is my journey.

I finally decided to commit myself to make necessary changes to my lifestyle and health in the summer of this year.
Over last winter and the earlier part of this year I found myself on a slippery slope.I know everyone has stress in their life but I was not coping in a sensible way.I was comfort eating ,drinking too much alcohol and watching too much TV.In truth this had been the way for a number of years.
My weight rose and my both physical and mental health deteriorated.
I drive past Ballycrummy each day and knew of Clarke Fitness but it wasn’t until I read reviews on facebook of the programme from people of the changes they had achieved that it clicked with me I needed to do something.
From that moment of filling in the questionnaire on line and then meeting up with Conor I have not regretted one thing about these last 12 weeks of hardwork in the gym and serious changes to my eating and overall nutrition.
My blood pressure was high even though being on medication however after 4-5 weeks this had stabilised to a healthy level and in combination with loosing a good bit of weight (12kg)  and being generally fitter my outlook on life was changing for the best too.
The A12 program,the staff at Clarke Fitness and other gym members and the hard work I put in myself have changed me and I hope these changes will stay with me from now on.
I never thought I could do what I am now doing regarding circuit training and weight training and I enjoy the hard work in the gym.
It is also apparent that everybody else who goes to the gym ,staff and members alike ,enjoy what they are doing.
Being in a group spurred me on also as in the past when I had tried to exercise I went on my own,exercised on my own and quickly lost motivation.
There is alot of help through social media especially on Whats App however as well as coaching and nutrition advice there is light hearted fun too.
Even though I was a group member I always felt treated as an individual and you do get out what you put in regarding your own effort.
Early morning workouts kickstart my day and alongside the nutrition plan I have a lot more energy and feel better in myself physically and mentally.
Although I now finish the A12 program I will continue attending the gym on a regular basis as I want to continue what  I have started and there is new things I wish to try to do.
If any person is considering signing up to any of the available classes I would definitely recommend Clarke Fitness.It will help you achieve your goals.

Thanks Joe


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