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Habits Of Mentally Strong People.

Before you drive right into this blog I have to say that in my continual efforts to improve myself, I avidly devour books and listen to various podcasts about successful people to learn how they have achieved their success.

Yes the vast majority of stories are filled with failures,setbacks,bad breaks,getting cheated ,backstabbing and terrible misfortunes. The common denominator is that these mentally strong people pursued their visions in the face of all overwhelming obstacles. They didn’t let challenges stand in their way or diminish their drive and dedication. Many failed for years before realizing any small measure of success. The biggest lesson I have learned is that their mental habits were crucial to their success.

Let me say something before we go any further. You all might think yes its easy for him to say but I was once where many people are today. Lost within modern society with no pathway or guidance. So I had restructure my life ,ask the hard questions within myself and sometimes I didn’t like what I was telling myself but the truth hurts so deal with it.  Don’t worry I’ll try and help you in every way possible even if you  just take one thing from this blog that will help you.

Now the things I’ve learnt can be put into practice very easily but its all up to you. Simple steps and patience is the key.

Sleep:I have learnt over the years and have read a lot on this topic that the first productive thing that mentally tough people do is wake up in the morning and get out of bed.(easy you might think but many find it difficult.) They go to bed and wake up early so that they are clearheaded to accomplish the jobs at hand. They don’t hit the snooze button nor do they hide under the covers ruminating about past failures, things that have gone wrong in their lives or obsessively mull over past slights and humiliations. They summon up the strength to block out any negativity and get out of bed at an early hour.

Goals:Mentally resilient people spend a lot of time thinking about how they will achieve their goals. They then prepare a game plan with benchmarks to hit over a period of time. They stick with the plan and work like crazy to meet the deadlines. They ignore all the haters and negative people who want them to fail.

Game Plan:Mentally strong people already have a game plan prepared for what they will do that day. They already know the tasks at hand and get started right away. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are happy about everything they need to do, but they attack it anyway. They understand that failing is part of the process. It is a learning experience for them. They take notes and learn lessons of what not to do in the future.

It’s Not Personal:The mentally tough don’t take it personally when things don’t go the way they planned. They recognize that they are not entitled to automatic success and that it takes hard work and planing. Sometimes luck is not on their side. It doesn’t stop them, as they feel that eventually things will turn out in their favor if they keep trying and refuse to give up.

Have Your Own Opinion:The Mentally tough have their own opinions and don’t care if the majority of people disagree with them. They don’t follow the crowd; rather, they follow their dreams and passions. They are immune to peer pressure. It’s not easy, but they work hard at it.  If people look at them as if they are crazy, so what? It’s not important what strangers think about you.

Don’t Be Afraid: Mentally rugged people may be afraid, but they forge ahead anyway. They won’t let fear stop them from achieving their desires. It’s not easy, but they do it.

They don’t worry about petty nonsense. Save your energy for the real battles.

Learning:Continual learning is important to mentally vigorous people. They want to know everything about their chosen field. They also want to learn things that will help them improve and become much more knowledgeable in life.

Physically:We all undergo pressure, but the mentally tough don’t let it break them. They work hard toward becoming physically and emotionally fit to deal with the difficult times.

Like I said before the interesting thing about all these characteristics is that they seem so easy and attainable; and they are. It all boils down to the dedication in achieving it.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

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