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Frustrated and out of shape, I needed help

I was out of shape frustrated and needed help straight away to get myself a healthier and fitter. So I started looking for a gym. I asked a few friends and the name Clarke Fitness kept creeping up with anyone I asked.

I then took the plunge and then hit the boys up with a private message via Facebook. I originally started out with a few Personal sessions with Ronan to get me kick started. My weight started to drop slightly and my fitness levels improved. However I was not getting results and I wanted more. Its a bit like an addiction I knew I wanted to achieve more. Prior to Christmas last year I had seen the results that their notorious A12 program had delivered and I was blown away by what some people were achieving in such as short space of time.

I was very intrigued so I enquired about it. I went and sat with Ronan and Conor and they told me the commitment involved in the program. But they reassured me I could do it. They give me the confidence to go and put myself out there, hold myself accountable for my actions and push on.

So that was it. Christmas had came early for me as I was bouncing and psyched for the 8th January. 12 weeks of solid hard work.

The 8th of January couldn’t have came any quicker as I was so eager to start. As soon as it started I knew I had done the right thing in terms of pushing myself on. I had a new target and I was going to smash it. Easter Saturday was the date pencilled in for the photoshoot. My target was just to get myself into the best possible shape inside 12 weeks both mentally and physically.

The best thing about the program was training in a group. The crack was always brilliant and everyone pushed each other on. Aidan never missed a day so he didn’t. Paul was always on hand for a good joke. This all made the 60 sessions in 12 weeks easier when you were training with a good bunch.

In terms of the nutrition the guys educated you on what was good and what was bad. They just didn’t send had a you a diet plan as they believed it was not  sustainable. They wanted us to build our own diet which would benefit us the most. So they laid out what they want you to eat and build it around you making sure you get good quality protein , carbs and fats in your diet. At the start it was tough getting used to all the healthy nutritious food that I wouldn’t have been used to eating.

It was amazing how changing up my diet my energy levels soared and I found I was sleeping a lot better. The other thing that was really encouraging for me was how my strength levels soared. Bench , Shoulder Pressing multiple reps with weights I though were not possible. The coaching from the team was top class. If you couldn’t do an exercise it was regressed back or changed slightly to allow you to progress.

Now that my time of the A12 program has come to an end. It won’t end there for me. I am determined to push on and make fitness a way of life. I  dropped 12kg in total and built some lean muscle which I am very happy with. As I said before I intend to push on and keep it going.

One thing is for sure you will definitely feel at ease working out in in Clarke Fitness. They are always on hand to make sure your getting things done and they do all in their power to help you succeed. Thats what I call a gym.

If your feeling anxious and nervous about committing to a program like this. Don’t worry thats totally normal as it was just the way I was. Take the first step and reach out to the team as they will most definitely help sort you out.






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