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The Easiest Way To Lose Weight…??

The Easiest Way to Lose Weight?

There is no easy way….but I’ve the solutions that will help guide you to a better you. This blog will help you achieve your gym goals or aid you on sports performance.


This is not a trick question and many people seem to turn to the quick fix fab diets or the latest workout program without understand the true value of nutrition Vs training.

Do not try and cut corners because you will run down blind alleys. Lose your way and give up. (FACT) If you don’t follow the simple steps.

First and foremost set yourself goals. What I mean by this is give yourself a realistic target with a realistic timeframe, assessing the reality of the goal will help you overcome obstacles and will help you motivate yourself. Getting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time) about weight loss is an extremely effective way to structure targets and desires.

Secondly from the outset its best to identify potential obstacles that would make your goals harder to achieve. Don’t worry everybody has barriers, Most common one’s self esteem, Medical conditions, Mood, Environment,   Lack of Energy,  Motivation. Simple solution to this is surrounding yourself with a network of people who will help you mentally and physically. Tell them what your goals are and how you our looking to achieve them.

Your diet not only affects your health but also your performance. If affects how energetic you feel, your stamina, your strength and your power. It is undoubtedly the biggest factor when it comes to body weight and body composition, both which are critical for peak performance and a healthy lifestyle. What, how much you can eat can also make a crucial difference to your ability to recover after exercise as well as performance in competition. So weather you’re exercising for fitness or training for competitions, eating a healthy diet maintaining proper hydration will help improve your performance, keep you healthy and promote fast recovery.

This begs the question what exactly should I eat then? Well, there’s no ideal diet that’s right for everyone but a good place to start when coming to design your own daily diet plan is with your weight, size, age, daily calorie expenditure, individual metabolism and the right training program.

First of all I’ll give you a quick run-down on food and why we need food to exercise. You get energy from four components in food and drink: carbohydrate, fat, protein and alcohol. These fuels are broken down in your body and transformed via various bio-chemical pathways into a compound called adenosine triphosphate. Energy is produced when one of the phosphate molecules splits off, leaving adenosine diphosphate (ADP). This energy is then used to fuel the muscles.

How many calories do I need? You can estimate your daily calorie needs by working out your Basel Metabolic rate(BMR) and Multiplying it by your physical activity level. Your BMR is the number of calories that your body needs to help the essential functions of the body. (Respiration, Digestion and Brain function.)

Quick method on how to calculate your own BMR.

Woman: BMR=weight in kg x 2 x 11= KCAL

Men: BMR=weight in kgs x 2x 11=KCAL

Example: BMR for a 60kg woman= 60 x 2 x 11=1320kcal

Step 2: Estimate your Physical Activity Level: Your physical activity level is the ratio of the overall daily expenditure to your BMR. It’s a rough measure of your lifestyle activity.

Mostly inactive or sedentary (mainly sitting) 1.2

Fairly active (including walking and exercise 1-2xweekly) 1.3

Moderately active (exercise 2-3 x weekly) 1.4

Active (exercise hard more than 3x weekly) 1.5

Very Active (exercise hard daily) 1.7

Step 3: Multiply your BMR by PAL to work out your daily calorie needs.

Example: Daily energy needs for an active 60kg woman =1320×1.5= 2027kcal

After This you should have an idea of how many calories you need daily this will give you a platform to organise yourself and create a food diary for yourself (Great tip download My Fitness App which will let you keep track of foods and calories during the day) If you are looking to lose the weight I would recommend that you reduce your daily calorie intake by 15% or multiply the figure above by 0.85. This will produce a fat loss of about 0.5kg per week.

I believe that this is the easiest way to lose weight. Preparation doesn’t start with food choice its starts with mentally preparing yourself. Writing down your goals and building a support network if you are feeling low. Like I said everybody has a different goal and this requires a different nutritional plan which works for you and no one else.

Hope you enjoyed the read…….

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